August 26, 2010

Lao Huang Hakka Niang Tou Fu, Singapore…Absolutely wonderful mince pork noodles

Hakka style Yong Tau Foo is certainly familiar to all of us but what is so special with this yong tau foo? It serves the same fare but the accompanying minced pork noodles is absolutely wonderful.

What they lack in the ambience of location (this is a hawker centre) they make up by serving great tasting yong tou foo and minced pork noodles.
This is still the true truth because I still say it as it is…

August 24, 2010

Heng Carrot Cake, Newton Food Centre, Singapore…A++

THIS is the carrot cake you’ll love forever! Very crispy,  moist and flavourful. Wonderful. Amazing. Excellent.

This carrot cake is a chinese delicacy, and it’s more like a radish cake. It’s not really the type that Bugs Bunny would like. This one is fried with sweet dark soy sauce  and eggs until it is nice, black and caramalised. It is so tantalising that each bite reveals the taste of the chai tow (radish) and the sweet soy sauce.

Heng is located at Newton Food Centre, Stall No: 28.

A++ is right! That’s the true truth because I say it as it is.

August 22, 2010

Ah Koong Restaurant, Johor Baru, Malaysia…fish cakes are highly recommendable.

Ah Koong specializes in fishy stuff. The fish cake is very tasty and springy – crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. One thing you’ll notice about this place is the freshness of the food especially the seafood and fish.

What’s interesting here is that you can pick what you want to go with your noodles. I have the appetite of a dinosaur. So, I will fill up my bowl with a selection of fishballs, fishcake and yong tau foo, stuffed beancurd and lady finger, foo chuk (beancurd sheets) and pacific clams. To add more zing to the noodles, I usually add fresh oysters, which are an essential part of the Teo Chew style of preparing soup noodles

With fishballs and fish cakes so good, the price is at a premium, but I think it’s well worth it. Moreover, you get a clean dining area and air-conditioning. This is the true truth because I keep saying it as it is.

August 14, 2010

Famous Secret, Imbi, Kuala Lumpur…one of the better Bak Kut teh in KL

For those who are uninitiated, Bak Kut Teh literally means “Meat Bone Tea”, it is basically pork stew. And of course, lots of pork, from every part of the pig. And when I say every part, I mean EVERY PART! Even the internal organs!

This place in Jalan Medan Imbi serves both the claypot Bak Kut teh (BKT)  complete with beancurd sheets (foo chook), mushrooms or lettuce as well  as the ribs only served in bowls. The BKT here is indeed delicious, the soup was rich and full of aroma, hearty and flavoursome from all the herbs added and the meat too cooked to perfection, soft and flavorful. We kept it fairly simple, one pot of mixed lean and fatty pork, and some spare parts ( innards). One cut I always order is the ’sam cham yuk’ or Three layer meat. It has 3 layers of meat (Skin, Fat, Meat) all found in a single piece. So you get to enjoy the best of 3 worlds.

Personally, I could not imagine having BKT without the bells and whistles (you tiao/Chinese crullers and the almost-compulsory soy sauce+chilli and minced garlic dip). But to each his own. 

Minor gripes? The yam rice was bland, and the ‘yau char kwai’ (Chinese crullers) was soft instead of crunchy. That aside, Famous Secret is one of the better BKT in KL. This is still the true truth as I am still saying it as it is…

August 13, 2010

Md. Salleh Restoran, Johor Baru, Malaysia…best roti prata in Southern Malaysia

Let’s get this straight: Md. Salleh’s Roti Prata (Prata is derived from a North Indian word Paratha which is a pancake type or a flat type of bread) is fluffy, crispy, has a lovely texture and definitely delicious.

What goes nicely with the roti is the tender and flavourful beef rendang. You definitely have to try the beef rendang here. It was just great. The beef was lovely and tender and the great coconut taste was delicious. There was a bit of a bite to the curry and the spice rating was somewhere between mild and medium. It hits the spot.

Simply wonderful, authentic Malaysian food. Check it out when you are in Taman Pelangi, Johor Baru. This is a MUST stop. This is definitely the true truth because I always say it as it is…

August 5, 2010

Ikan Panggang Portugis Istimewa, Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur…simply the best!

I love this place! Delicious grilled fish and the hot hot hot hot sauce that makes you perspire madly as you savour it.  The stingray is a must-try dish. Mixed with the most fragrant and robust sambal sauce, it is simply the best! Served on the foil, the stingray was as  soft, tender and fresh as though it had just been brought in from the sea. The squid is another 5-star dish.

As this is not exactly in a shop, it’s not going to be easy to locate. The only directions I can think of describing is that it’s just right in front of Hong Leong in Chinatown….and that’s No. 285/6 Jalan Hang Lekir. The stall opens when the bank closes. Remember, it’s not flashy (far from it).  The food is great and the price is right.  Those are my measures of success, and this place hits them right on the mark.

Word of caution: this place if only for the patient, though. The wait can be as long as an hour or so.

There you have it, I highly recommend this place. Your stomach will thank you! That’s the true truth because I say it as it is.

August 2, 2010

Foong Foong Restaurant, Selangor, Malaysia….beware of the very addictive fried dumplings

Ampang’s Foong Foong sets the standard for yong tow foo. Ever since I was introduced to this Yong Tau Fu place, I have been hooked on it. If you are into crispy fresh fried dumplings and home made yong tau foo, don’t miss out on this one! The “char sui kao” (fried dumpling) was steaming hot and not greasy at all…and the fillings (combination of prawn and pork) were very generous. Beware, the fried dumplings are very addictive. It would make you keep ordering for more.

When it’s done right, this dish of bean curd, veggies, and fish paste is a perfect fusion of oppositional textures and a celebration of simple, straightforward flavors. Our order came on the platter of  lady’s finger, bitter gould, tau fu, chili and fish ball. Fish balls were notable very “bouncy”. Rice will be an option to go with the yong tau fu. I prefer eating it plain with the sweet sauce and the chili sauce.

Systems-wise they are a wee bit archaic – resisting computerized systems for orders  – and still relying on good old-fashioned microphones to convey orders to the kitchen, and also asking to clear the tables which vacated.

I’ll always remember it’s closed on Tuesday. I’ve made the mistake twice of driving all the way there, braving the infamous Ampang traffic jam, and was sadly disappointed. This is the true truth and I always say it as it is.

August 1, 2010

I Love Yoo! at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur….traditional porridge and dough fritter with a modern twist

Let’s cut to the chase…

There are 2 types of porridge served here, dried scallops and oyster peanut porridge. The porridge is rich, smooth and heartwarming. Crunchy ‘you tiao (yao char kuai); freshly made ‘tow foo far’ – well-loved and familiar Chinese snacks; I LOVE YOO aims to give food lovers a taste of the traditional, with a modern twist. Everything was yummy.

I haven’t felt this enthusiastic about an outlet in a long time. I’d highly recommend “I love Yoo” to whoever’s looking for a quick snack. It’s good and the staff are ultra friendly, and really the food just speaks for itself.  Overall, definitely recommended

Point to note: I’ve tried the same stuff in I Love Yoo at The Gardens, Mid valley. They don’t taste as good. That’s the true truth and I am still saying it as it is.

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