April 28, 2013

Dapur Babah, Jakarta…food that doesn’t match up to the ambience

Dapur Babah is truly an eye-opener. The bustle of modern Jakarta disappeared as we stepped through the doors of this restaurant, to find ourselves in a borderline kitsch but cosy old-style tea shop, with antique tea sets, and photographs of Babah families on the walls. Babah is the term used to describe the Chinese migrants who intermarried with the locals and settled here during the early 1400s. Over time, they assimilated Malaycustoms into their lives, and created a fusion culture of their own. Malay influence is very strong in their clothing and food, but they have also retained their Chinese heritage.

 I honestly wasn’t that impressed by the food. We ordered a host of dishes, but nothing stood out for me. For instance, we tried the Nasi Goerih Bebek which was fried rice with duck. The duck… was… well… DUCK! I really think you could just put duck over a fire without any accompaniments and it would still taste great.

More than just a restaurant, Dapur Babah also brings to life an all-round experience of the rich Peranakan culture,  providing an even more complete feast for the senses. However, it’s not the place to get the best meal in Jakarta. This is the true truth as  I say it as it is…


April 20, 2013

Kamalan Bus, Taipei…an inexpensive, clean, safe, fast and stress free way to get from Yilan to Taipei

First time riding the Kamalan was all in all a smooth, easy trip, no complaints.

We arrived at the pickup location a little early and asked if we could change our tickets for an earlier departure. They obliged. No hassles.

They were punctual to show up for boarding. Proximity to other transportation connections is a given. Kamalan Bus has incredibly convenient stops at both tech and taipei bus stations. They even showed security features shown on the in-bus TV.

The only downside is the many tunnels we have to go through in the journey is an annoying disruption to my reading. As the lights are not switched on in the bus, I had to stop reading everything we enter a tunnel. A little trivia…the longest tunnel which we had to go through- 13 km long – the Hsueh Shan Tunnel, took 16 years to build.

Seriously people, use this from now on! Trip was inexpensive, clean, safe, fast, stress free and the seats or surprisingly comfy! What’s better than this? This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

My beautiful picture

April 13, 2013

Restoran Ole Sayang Nyonya Food, Melaka…the worst nyonya food in Melaka

This restaurant serves the worst nyonya food in Melaka. The worst of the worst. I rather endure physical pain than come here again.

The sambal prawns and chicken rendang were disappointing. Just spicy and lack of flavour. Very small portions and not worth the price too. The barley drink has definitely seen better days. There was a hair in it. The chendol is tasteless and flat with no hint of any gula melaka. Don’t waste your money. Despite the taste and smell of the assam, it was still distinctively clear that the fish was not fresh. Not fresh would have been an understatement coz it’s like hours away from getting rotten.

If this ain’t the worse nyonya restaurant, I don’t know what is. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


April 11, 2013

Restoran Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodles, Kuala Lumpur…(ultra) Dirty Dining

I’ve got a gross-out eatery tale I’m dying to tell.
Any place where food is stored is going to attract pests, and in large cities with older infrastructure (like Kuala Lumpur), cockroaches are simply an unpleasant fact. Most restaurants battle against it every day, but it’s inevitable that sometimes customers are going to see a roach or a rat. Sadly, though, Restoran Ngau Kee – a stall located on a five-foot way – is indeed an eatery where the pests seem right at home. Clusters of multi-sized dead roaches stuck on the wall which my table was pushed against freaked me out.
The place was bustling and busy and while the final product (thin, springy egg noodles are tossed in dark soysauce & topped with minced beef, served with a bowl of clear soup with beef balls, tender cubes of beef & ox-tripe on the side) may look and taste amazing, I now wonder (after seeing the state of the place) just what happened to the food before it arrived on my table? Was the meat handled correctly? Did the cook wash his hands? I still feel squeamish now, just thinking about it.
If you must eat here, here’s a tip: once your food is in front of you, don’t let it out of your sight, because you never know what could happen to it. Restoran Ngau Kee is a disgusting, repulsive cesspool of filth. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



April 7, 2013

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill, Singapore…a diamond in the rough

 I love the decor. It is fabulously casual, yet elegant enough with its warm and sleek interior  mix of red-orangy leather booths, quirky light fixtures and black and white-tiled flooring. In the coller eveing, I can imagine their alfresco deck with a view of the waterfront would be quite nice too.

The black peppered candied bacon drizzled with lime, resembles the our local bak kwa  but with much more crunch and flavour. And like the bak kwa, you won’t be stopping at just one piece. The Old fashioned crab cakes is crab-ilicious. I’ve had more than my share of crab cakes when i was in washington DC recently but this two-cake dish has lots of filler, but it meshes nicely with the meat to create an almost sweet flavour. The hot toffee bread pudding was really tasty. Soft, fluffy and flavourful. Every bite was very satisfying. However, I was not so impressed with the lobster thermidor which was was slightly overcooked and was a bit tough but still good in flavour.

If it was way less expensive, it’d be a true diamond in the rough. This is the true truth because I say it as it is…




April 6, 2013

A&W, Melaka…fast food joint but you DO NOT get your food fast

Why the hell am I reviewing a fast-food restaurant? Aren’t they all the same?

My one big  qualm about the A&W in AEON Bandaraya, Melaka : for fast food, it’s not very fast at all. They’ve got to sort this out. I have been to this outlet several times and it’s the same everytime.  At least they are consistent…in their slow pace.

Each time I’ve been there, and not at any particularly high traffic time…..

I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I understand that “fast food” doesn’t mean “thirty seconds”. But waiting 20 minutesjust to place an order is a bit long and not even having my existence acknowledged is worse. Puhleez.

The coney dog was mediocre at best and the root beers on weekends are served in PAPER CUPS!!!!!!!!  *Heart Breaks*

 I remembered the old fashion A&W and this was not it. I used to like A&W.  Not anymore. This is the true truth because I say it as it is…


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