February 24, 2014

Makan Indah Selalu Nasi Lemak, Kampung Senibong, Johor Baru…..the nasi lemak here absolutely satisfy both the expert and the greedy

One of the true hidden gems of Johor Baru (JB). First of all, the views are amazing. Situated right by the sea, Kampung Senibong boasts a long row of restaurants serving a wide range of various aquatic creatures. You can have your dinner at one of the floating restaurant on stilts with variety of fresh fish, crab, and prawn while enjoying the seaview of Sembawang, Singapore.

Nasi lemak Senibong is its version of the classic dish of coconut rice with a spicy sambal, egg and cucumber that was originally “breakfast” but is now popular throughout the da. It is so famous in Johor Baru (JB) that even wikitravel has an entry about it as one of the best nasi lemak in JB. The rice is smooth, soft and fluffly yet it tastes reassuringly of coconut without being in any way puddingy. The rich sambal sauce is excellent, with enough chilli heat to set the sides of your tongue into convulsions. There’s a welcome sweetness and the flavours are well integrated. The accompanying chicken rending is really nice too.

Other than the nasi lemak, the food wasn’t the best or worst we’ve ever had. Was the chicken satay edible? Yes. Did it make me sick? No. Did I like it? Not particularly. The lala were hard and not particularly fresh and overall the food is a little over-priced, probably because of the ambience.

Be laser focused…the nasi lemak here absolutely satisfy both the expert and the greedy. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

senibong 2


February 21, 2014

Chef Chan’s Restaurant, Singapore…..the crispy roast chicken is a massive masterpiece

Dudeeee this place has some tasty chicken. I mean seriously perfectly seasoned chicken.

Chef Chan’s Restaurant is housed in the National Museum of Singapore. It is both a restaurant and a museum, putting on display the collection of expensive antiques that has been in his possession for decades,
including furniture, ornaments, photographs, portraits and paintings. The restaurant places considerably more focus on its decor and ambience in its luxurious setting.

When the legendary Chef Chan’s crispy roast chicken was served, the poultry panel was visibly impressed, and launch at the blistered bird with gusto, tearing at its tanned skin like hungry foxes. Crispy, well roasted skin with hints of salt and other marinates cackles with every bite and the meat beneath that dreamy exterior is wonderfully juicy. Its definitely something worth trying at least once.

In short, this incredible moist roast chicken rocks! This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

chef chan crispy chicken

February 16, 2014

59 Restaurant, Johor Baru…..kway teow th’ng which lifts your palate to food heaven

My newest obsession! I almost don’t want to write a review because I want to keep this little spot all to myself.

I LOVE my piping hot bowl of kway teow (flat white rice noodles) soup and here at 59 Restaurant, just the flavour of the soup was sooo potent, it was amazing really. The pork bone base soup alone is sensational…the clear, deliciously flavourful comfort broth with rich traces of minced pork, huge prawn, vegetable, fish cake, meat slices and of course thin abalone slices leaves a halo of tasty heat around your lips. My mouth is starting to water right now.

Not much to look at, it’s more than the sum of it’s parts. This is one of the best HOLE IN THE WALL places you got to bring someone to. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

59 restaurant

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