January 28, 2017

Asiamedic Wellness Assessment Centre, Singapore….I was easily seduced by a bargain

Like many over-fifties – and many who are much younger – I endlessly and pointlessly worry about my health. I was intrigued, as any middle-aged hypochondriac would be. Had my misspent youth left irreparable damage?

For many, the aim of the assessment is to reveal any potential hidden health problems, so that they may be treated before an illness develops. Though I don’t smoke and I eat pretty well (aside from too many snacks). I am also quite unable to resist a bargain. So I was easily seduced by the offer from Asiamedic Wellness Assessment Centre.

Slightly spartan compared with some of the other clinics, this ‘holistic’ health screen included a consultation with a nutritionist as well as Prostrate Ultrasound, urea breath test and Treadmill ECG, tumor marker tests and ultrasound liver, and a consultation with the doctor. I was told to fast from 10pm the night before as I would be having blood tests. On arrival in the morning, I was given a packaging kit to provide stool samples for later analysis, slightly off-putting but no doubt vital. Then I was taken by a nurse into a pristine medical room where she tested my eyes, ears, blood, weight and height.  It was relaxing and non-threatening. For two hours I undergo a barrage of screenings.

I left each feeling reassured and empowered – and a bit smug. It was enough for a boy to want to go to the pub and order a celebratory bottle of Savignon Blanc or three. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



January 18, 2015

Klinik & Surgeri Semabok Perdana, Melaka…..if clowns had a GP clinic, this is it.

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In old movies, bad doctors are easy to identify – they work out of seedy offices and have a furtive, unkempt look. In real life, it’s not so obvious, except here in Klinik & Surgeri Semabok Perdana. The doctor here was terrible… terrible and terrible.

What I learned in this process is valuable and should be known by all before you go. Find out the credentials of the person you see. Be prepared to NOT receive the same attention or care you would by your own physician. Be prepared for a wimpy assessment and erroneous information placed in your record! I should have trusted my instincts and gone with my gut reaction. If you don’t feel good about a physician, go somewhere else.

Here are the signs I can tell that the doctor here is a bad doctor……he had an indifferent and uncaring attitude. I know I was looking for medical care, not a new friend – so a sparkling personality probably isn’t a priority but the doctor here was cold and patronizing. He also lacked knowledge. He didn’t put a finger on me , no physical check up , nothing and he was kind of nervous. His appearance was awful. He looked dishevelled, abysmal, unkempt and dirty. His fingernails were long and dirty and that is a big no-no in the doctor grooming handbook.

The next day, I sought out a 2nd opinion because I don’t trust this guy.

THE WORST DOCTOR I’VE EVER MET OR SEEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE !!!!  Don’t say no one warned you. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


March 25, 2012

Cityhealth Clinic & Surgery, Singapore…Dr Karen has a good head, but also a heart and soul

Dr Karen Ho…my GP…..where should I start? A full-on rave review will be forthcoming.

She is knowledgeable, approachable and is able to nail what’s wrong so easily.

The clinic is very clean and organized, but the wait stories are true.  Every time I’ve visited there, I’ve had to wait 30 minutes (unless i get there before the 8.30am opening time).  

BUT… she really takes the time with her patients.  She’s never on the edge of her seat like she wants to hustle you away so she can bank on the next patient.  She doesn’t talk fast like answering your questions are trivial.  She just calmly sits there until you feel assured you have every question you have answered for this visit. She is super detailed and attentive. Excellent follow-up on test results.

Overall she’s a great doctor and can be trusted. She has a  good head, but also a heart and soul. You won’t go wrong if you see this woman. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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