October 28, 2018

Hertz, New York City…GPS stopped working

JFK. One of America’s busiest airports is well served by car hire companies catering for the huge numbers of visitors who pass through this major transport hub each year. Just take the complimentary AirTrain to Federal Circle station, where rental car offices are located.

Hertz may have a reputation for being expensive, but it was favourable in terms of affordability and choice of cars. Being a member of their Gold program, I got the “Carfirmation” service, which confirms reservations through text and emails and so I skipped the check-in counter.

There is just one criticism. The GPS stopped working when I was in on the expressway.  Whinge over. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

hertz ny

February 18, 2017

Asia Tour MICE and Leisure Co, Bangkok…fixer – par excellence

The popularity of escorted tours is on the rise.

Asia Tour MICE and Leisure Co, led by Panyawat Peter Tongprasert (CEO – Chief Entertainment Officer) has proven itself to my evident satisfaction. Its portfolio is wide-ranging: from Fototastic Challenges and party vehicles to team building activities and golf tournaments and police escort services. They customize sophisticated itineraries which cater for every type of traveler. With excellent planning, good contacts on the ground and close attention to detail, they set extremely high standards of customer service and his staff have consistently delivered.

If you are looking to book anywhere in Thailand – either a detailed itinerary or a fairly straightforward trip – you won’t do better than to get quotes from Peter and Asia Tour MICE. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


November 23, 2016

Jag Tech Auto Service, Johor Bahru…No glitz and glamour. Just reliable, reasonable price and good service

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There is not a single car service that will be perfect 100% of the time. However there are some that are more reliable than others, won’t charge you an arm and a leg and won’t make unnecessary recommendations.

No glitz and glamour with Jag Tech Auto Service. Just reliable, reasonable price and good service. They’d changed my engine mounting and stabilizer links and were timely, upfront about the costs and oh so courteous.

They are definitely my go to in the future. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…




February 9, 2013

Borneo Motors, Sin Ming Toyota Service Centre, Singapore…excellent service recovery

Simply put, service recovery is putting a smile on a customer’s face after you’ve made a mistake. It’s solving a customer’s problem or complaint and sending him out the door feeling as if he’s just done business with the greatest company on earth.

Lor Guan Tong, Service Supervisor at Borneo Motors, Sin Ming Toyota service Centre is a champion at service recovery.

My very first time at this service centre and I felt like I was handled by an unscrupulous salesman. Liew Bang Lung, Service engineer, convinced me the value package was necessary for me and would be beneficial for my car. Within two minutes of my acceptance of the package, he contradicted himself and said he would cancel that package and that I should change the oil instead…of course at double the price. All of a sudden, the service package which had seemed so important for the well-being of my car two minutes ago, can now be discarded like rubbish.

Incidentally, when i called the service centre a week later for a follow-up appointment to change my aircon compressor, Lor Guan Tong spoke with me and in the course of the conversation, I’d requested for a different service engineer. Out of curiosity, Lor inquired for the reason and i duly detailed it out to him.

 Service Engineer Kelvin Tan was assigned by Lor to arrange for the change of my aircon compressor; and unlike Liew, Kelvin was very professional and courteous. At no point was I left in the dark, unsure of the process or waiting excessively.

Additionally, when i collected my car, I was informed that Lor had authorised the replacement of two faulty brake disc rotor for me. These would have costed me $882 and it was extended on a complimentary basis to me.

 It was unlike any auto customer service experience I’d had in Malaysia and Singapore before.  And so, for the foreseeable future, I will always choose this Sin Ming Service Centre. This is the true truth and I say it as it is…

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