December 13, 2009

NikeID….Just Don’t Do It!

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NikeID….we can order custom designed Nike shoes direct from Nike.The NikeID site lets us choose from different colors, materials, and would even allows us to stitch on our name and/or number onto the shoe….a service Nike trumpets as the freedom to choose and the freedom to express who we are.

Though it was launched in 2000, you’d think that they would, by now realise the biggest rule of business…Make it easy for customers to do business with you.

I was so thrilled that I ordered a pair of shoes customised by “moi”. Nike rejected my request because of the mode of payment. I couldn’t use my Singapore currency credit card. I needed an American one. When I got hold of one, they rejected the order because the was a problem with the phone numbers. I tried using paypal but they needed an account with an American address. My emails to Nike doesn’t get replied. It was a nightmare. Years of loyalty to Nike – the brand and the company – has been challenged by this one botched transaction.

C’mon Nike: why be difficult when with a little bit of effort, you can be impossible. Basically, the way I see it, Nike was telling me JUST DON’T DO IT!

Persepolis in Shiraz, Iran…indescribable…you have to experience the glory of this Ancient Persia for yourself

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Presepolis was built in 500BC (that’s 2,500 year ago) by the Achaemenian Kings Darius, Xerxes and their successors. There’s so much history here. Modern day Iranians view the ruins of Persepolis in a fashion similar to how modern Egyptians view the pyramids: symbols of national pride

This is a truly glorious site. I can’t quite find the words to describe Presepolis. Then again, if I don’t, there would be no blog posting.

The original Presepolis was built on a platform 10meters above the surrounding land.It’s a great feeling of awe as you approach Presepolis from the car park and begin to climb those steps

In 330 BC, Persepolis was destroyed by Alexander the Great (the not-so-Great to the Persians). It was rumoured that he needed 20,000 mules and 5,000 camels to carry away the treasure looted from Persepolis. It is not known whether the burning of the city was accidental, but the word is that it was an act of revenge for the destruction of Temples in Athens in 480 BC by the Persians.

Spanning an area of over 125,000 square meters there are endless carvings showing Bactrians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Ethiopians, Indians and members of the 23-nations under Persian rule carrying gifts as valuable as gold and ivory. Majestic though they may be, there are only so many sculptures you can see in a day before you slip into a coma. Near the end of the 1.5 hour walk, I began noticing gigantic stone bulls with bad skin and human-headed winged lions with chipped noses. Don’t get me wrong. I tell the true  truth. This is a must-see but I only say it as it is……. 

Sheraton Media Jakarta…it’s not a hotel. It’s a hellhole pretending to be a hotel room

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I will never ever stay here again. I made a wrong choice booking myself and my 3 colleagues into this hotel. I thought since it is a Starwood hotel (and I have a lot of respect for Starwood), it would be consistent with the brand.

The room is nightmarishly deplorable. The carpets are badly stained. The bedsheets were stained. The pillow cases were stained. The luggage rack area was stained. There were holes in the curtain. The spring of the mattress felt like it had expired 15 years ago. It was the most uncomfortable two nights in my travels for a long long time. The entire room was mostly dustry. I could go on but you would need 3 days to read the list. To think that this is an upgraded room…I was told…the deluxe premier on the SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) floor.

The adapter on the power socket was loose so my laptop would suddenly stopped charging as the connection was bad. There was only ONE power point at the workarea, so it’s either the laptop or the blackberry. Never two items at once. To adjust/change the plugs, I had to crawl under the table (yes, on the carpet that has been through 2 world wars) This is absolutely not suited for a business traveller.

The ESPN channel didn’t work (I was trying to catch live broadcast of a soccer match). The internet connection didn’t work. My papers didn’t get delivered on the 2nd morning.

I stated upfront that I made a bad choice in staying in this hotel. I hope you read this review and make the correct decision and nott go through what I went through. I won’t even wish this experience for my worst enemy. That’s the true truth. I always say it as it is…….

December 12, 2009

My new blog migrates here

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I started blogging 15 months ago on PEr Chronicles ( In that blog, I find examples and insights in all sorts of conversations – both with people I know well and with people I have just met, both in focused discussions and in chance remarks. I hope I have represented all of them fairly. I know I have written of all of you with love. Today I migrate my new blog to this new host: This time to share my personal take on my experiences in travel and entertainment. And I will tell the true truth and say it as it is…………….

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