February 9, 2013

Borneo Motors, Sin Ming Toyota Service Centre, Singapore…excellent service recovery

Simply put, service recovery is putting a smile on a customer’s face after you’ve made a mistake. It’s solving a customer’s problem or complaint and sending him out the door feeling as if he’s just done business with the greatest company on earth.

Lor Guan Tong, Service Supervisor at Borneo Motors, Sin Ming Toyota service Centre is a champion at service recovery.

My very first time at this service centre and I felt like I was handled by an unscrupulous salesman. Liew Bang Lung, Service engineer, convinced me the value package was necessary for me and would be beneficial for my car. Within two minutes of my acceptance of the package, he contradicted himself and said he would cancel that package and that I should change the oil instead…of course at double the price. All of a sudden, the service package which had seemed so important for the well-being of my car two minutes ago, can now be discarded like rubbish.

Incidentally, when i called the service centre a week later for a follow-up appointment to change my aircon compressor, Lor Guan Tong spoke with me and in the course of the conversation, I’d requested for a different service engineer. Out of curiosity, Lor inquired for the reason and i duly detailed it out to him.

 Service Engineer Kelvin Tan was assigned by Lor to arrange for the change of my aircon compressor; and unlike Liew, Kelvin was very professional and courteous. At no point was I left in the dark, unsure of the process or waiting excessively.

Additionally, when i collected my car, I was informed that Lor had authorised the replacement of two faulty brake disc rotor for me. These would have costed me $882 and it was extended on a complimentary basis to me.

 It was unlike any auto customer service experience I’d had in Malaysia and Singapore before.  And so, for the foreseeable future, I will always choose this Sin Ming Service Centre. This is the true truth and I say it as it is…

August 7, 2011

Aire Control, Singapore…this AC is more like Absolute Cons rather than air con.

Customer care at AireControl is very much non-existent. These people do not behave professionally at all…very disappointing service. They were ok at the start, but once your money is in their pockets, then the true colours are revealed.

When the aircon started leaking less than a week after their serviceman did the job, you don’t get a response from them anymore. My wife spoke with the supervisor, Peter and he irresponsibly refused to take accountability. She left her number for the manager, Jack and he never call back. After a day, I decided to call and ask again and only after two increasingly frustrating calls, did Jack finally called back. Immediately, without trying to problem-solve, he said he would refund the money and “wash his hands”.

So much for a company that claims to be  “an established company that specializes in the field of air conditioning work”on their website. Apparently, in 2007, AireControl has been accredited the TrustSG Seal (For both Business Trust & Consumer Trust). Humbug!

This is the true truth and I say it as it is…

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