March 30, 2019

Yu no hana, Otaru, Hokkaido…an antidote to Singapore stress

I am up to my neck in hot water. And it’s wonderful. Around me, naked Japanese men soak contemplatively. I am sitting in an onsen (natural hot spring) bath in Hokkaido’s hot water hotspot, Yu no hana. Utter bliss.

Yu no hana has a bit of everything….indoor and outdoor rotenburo (open-air, natural hot spring pools), massage, even claw and jackpot machines. Falling snow accentuates the charm of the rotenburo. And it is all made particularly easy by the English-speaking information centre at Otaru station and a free shuttle to and from the station. It was reasonably priced and an hour is long enough to take in the setting and to let your body completely relax.

Onsen is a pleasurable experience that will make you want to live in Japan . This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

yunohana otaru1

yunohana otaru2

December 2, 2012

City Suites, Jiaoxi Maple Leaves Hot Spring Hotel, Yilan County…I felt ahhhhmazing

If it’s your goal to escape anything and everything causing stress in your life, take a trip to Taiwan and visit Jiaoxi Maple Leaves Hot Spring Hotel in Yilan County. Around an hour’s drive from Taipei, this is a tiny town with fantastic hot springs.This place is the best respite from work, technology, trendy crowds, malls, school, and so forth.

The room is very spacious, can accomodate at least 4 people!! and the double beds are HUGE!

The hotspring is nice and clean, not very crowded. On the ground level I think there are about 4 different pools. These are common for both genders to share, so swimming attire need to be worn. Each having different temperatures.  So test the waters out and see what you’re comfortable with. Ipersoanlly like the pool at the rooftop, where nudity is mandatory. There, in the coldness of the winer air and the slight drizzle falling on my face, I am truly relaxed in the soothing waters of the hot spring. It’s heaaaaaven.

The hotel is kind of like Jiaoxi’s navigational icon…it is packed in every direction with dozens of eateries, restaurants, health clubs and railway and bus stations, all within easy walking distance. Speaking of eateries, directly opposite the hotel’s entrace is a row of street food stalls. The one to the far right facing the hotel serves up great tasting and fresh seafood at reasonable prices.

I felt ahhhhmazing. And it’s so good for your skin, your heart, and your soul! This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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