July 28, 2013

Fely J’s Kitchen, Manila…good but nothing stood out as great.

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Fely J’s Kitchen’s fare is solid, but there was nothing that stood out as great. You may satisfy your tummy, but you probably won’t be wowed

Everything on the menu seemed too scrumptious to pass up, so we went for maximum coverage. We came with an appetite and ordered a crap load of food…Sugpo sa karnias (mildly curried prawns with tomato and karnias), Crispy patang bawang (traditional favourite pork leg deep fried and served with a special dipping sauce), Ginataang gulay at hipon (shrimps and vegetables sauteed with ginger and spices then finished with coconut cream), Leche flan (caramel custard old manila style). The best of the lot was easily Claude’s dream (macapuno ice cream with coconut meat an pandan jelly ) It was very cooling and refreshing.

Fely J’s Kitchen is a pretty decent restaurant.  While the food was good, it still wasn’t amazing or anything special at all. This is the true truth as i say it as it is…



July 20, 2013

Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake, Melaka…hit and miss

Influenced by the local Malay cuisines and spices, the Nyonya cuisine incorporates both Malay and Chinese recipes to create an array of delightful dishes and desserts. Nyonya cakes are known for their vibrant colors, exquisite presentation, aroma and scrumptious taste, making it difficult not to fall in love with them. They can be eaten at any time of the day, usually during morning or afternoon teas.

The decor at Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake is nothing to be inspired about, but place is very clean and food is always fresh. On a wall, it lists the kuih with pictures (helpful for those new to the cuisine, as well as helpful for those who know this cuisine but remember appearance rather than names). The kuih can be a hit and miss. Let’s start with the kuih for which you should consider visiting Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake – the kuih dadar (rolled pandan flavoured crepe filled with dessicated coconut steeped in palm sugar syrup) This sinful delight simply melts in the mouth. Such bliss! The kuih lapis and kuih talam are also notable and not to be missed. But don’t succumb to the commercialized pineapple tarts. I am not sure what ingredient they use but it leaves a weird after taste.

Even the simplest food can be expensive. When it comes to nyonya cakes, the ones at Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake  are some of the priciest. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

Bandar Melaka-20130615-00076

Bandar Melaka-20130615-00077


July 13, 2013

Jakkajan Seafood, Phuket…I was impressed by the atmosphere and food as I was disappointed with the prices

This is a hidden gem in Phuket. Jakkajan Seafood is made up of a handful of open-air bamboo beach huts, right along beach of the Andaman sea. It’s  great little place to grab fresh seafood, just don’t go there expecting something fancy and you will not be disappointed. Yes you eat outside on pick-nick tables that’s part of the fun and you can dress in shorts, bathers, flip-flops, sarongs, pareos, etc and eat good seafood right on the sea.

Did I just say good seafood? It needs correction. It is GREAT seafood. The Fried sand crabs with salt and chilli, fried fish with fish sauce, seafood tomyum, fried rice with crab meat and shrimps rocked me to my core. The grilled shrimps are spectacular. However, the local vegetable with dried shrimp spicy and sour shrimp paste was average fare.

The downside is that, in addition to being mouth-watering, Jakkajan Seafood is also eye-watering, thanks to the cleverness of the owner in overpricing the food just because we are foreigners.  

It’s hard to beat this place for spectacular atmosphere and excellent food and I was as impressed by the view as I was disappointed by the prices. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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July 6, 2013

Chia Te Bakery Co., Taipei…..the pineapple cake that all others answer to

Although they have several pastries and an assortment of delectable delights, do yourself a favour and try the pineapple cake. SO GOOD. The outside is like a buttery shortbread crust – crumbly and crispy, more like an egg roll and the inside is filled with fresh, mouth-watering, juicy pineapple jam-type filling- with the right amount of sweetness and soft (but not mushy) texture.  This adds up to a simple, flakey, and perfectly sweet (not too sweet) cake. The cakes are individually wrapped but take it from me…one piece is just too much of a tease.

These Taiwanese bakers are putting some tasty crack in their buns. The items are not inexpensive, but totally worth it for the quality and taste. They sell a great variety of cakes (cranberry pineapple cake, sun cake, wife cake, mung bean cake, sesame egg yolk cake, milk cake, germ walnut pineapple tart) , egg tarts, so go on over and splurge!

The one and only store in Taipei is located in bustling Nanjing East Road in Taipei. It is not quite accessible from any mrt station, so it’s either a bus or a taxi to get you there. Bummer!

If you’ve never had this pineapple cake from Chia Te Bakery before then hedonism is not your thing. It’s pure indulgence. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


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