August 2, 2010

Foong Foong Restaurant, Selangor, Malaysia….beware of the very addictive fried dumplings

Ampang’s Foong Foong sets the standard for yong tow foo. Ever since I was introduced to this Yong Tau Fu place, I have been hooked on it. If you are into crispy fresh fried dumplings and home made yong tau foo, don’t miss out on this one! The “char sui kao” (fried dumpling) was steaming hot and not greasy at all…and the fillings (combination of prawn and pork) were very generous. Beware, the fried dumplings are very addictive. It would make you keep ordering for more.

When it’s done right, this dish of bean curd, veggies, and fish paste is a perfect fusion of oppositional textures and a celebration of simple, straightforward flavors. Our order came on the platter of  lady’s finger, bitter gould, tau fu, chili and fish ball. Fish balls were notable very “bouncy”. Rice will be an option to go with the yong tau fu. I prefer eating it plain with the sweet sauce and the chili sauce.

Systems-wise they are a wee bit archaic – resisting computerized systems for orders  – and still relying on good old-fashioned microphones to convey orders to the kitchen, and also asking to clear the tables which vacated.

I’ll always remember it’s closed on Tuesday. I’ve made the mistake twice of driving all the way there, braving the infamous Ampang traffic jam, and was sadly disappointed. This is the true truth and I always say it as it is.


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