November 26, 2012

Beauty Hotels Roumei Boutique, Taipei…there are better hotel in better locations

The hotel is a bit off the beaten track (slightly off the main road, in a little lane), not particularly close to the mrt station, but not far either…about 10 minutes walk. It ,must be said, the area has many eateries all around

The room was just that…a room. Nothing fancy. It was small and cramped but clean and comfortable. The in-room wifi is free. The bathroom was amazing – thumbs up! Generous space with a jacuzzi and a shower stall with 7 massage nozzles, a regular showerhead and a rainfall showerhead. Airconditioning temperature couldn’t be controlled and the water at the bathroom basin taps were cold regardless of which direction you turn the taps.

The breakfast was unappealing – the porridge, cupcakes and fried rice were yucks.

Whatever the shortfall of the hardware, the software was unquestionably excellent. Friendly and helpful staff to start with. The female reception staff came out to help with the luggage upon arrival, another female staff sheltered us with an umbrella upon departure, engineering was quickly at our door upon request, housekeeping was fast and eager to offer advise too.

 Frankly, the brutal truth….there are better hotels i n better locations…for the prices this hotel charges. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

November 24, 2012

Toucheng Leisure Farm, Toucheng…..Go here for your kid’s fun education and not anything else

Toucheng Leisure Farm in Toucheng, Yilan County, northeastern Taiwan, is geared towards educational holidays. It allows visitors a glimpse of how people used to live in the olden days. I really like the idea of this place and the angle that they are bringing. The experience is relaxing (bordering on boring).

I’m kind of torn. The reason I am torn is because the concept is fun and I had an ok time with activities…making and setting off sky lanterns, learning to mud bake sweet potatoes, fishing, traditional food and light snacks and meals throughout the day…kind of like a Club med, but the food and service aren’t the best. I think that if they step their service up (and at least try to look interested) and try new recipes then they may really have something going here.

The other downside is the old, blah and basic bedroom….somewhat akin to the Low Cost carrier version of a hotel room. The bed was a rock hard place. Now I know what Fred Flinstone’s bedrock was all about. There was no wifi in the room, no power plug-points either – only two. One for the TV and the other in the bathroom.

Go here for your kid’s fun education and not anything else. This is the true truthas I say it as it is…


November 18, 2012

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant, Singapore…spectacularly bad

After reading reviews, I was excited to try this place, having eaten peking Ducks in Beijing. Sadly, I was disappointed.

There aren’t many places that serve good  Peking duck and we were hoping it would be good here. What a disappointment. The Peking Duck, the dish they’re named after was grossly over-priced and over-rated. When the duck came out, it was carved up casually with no fanfare. What amazed me was that the amount of crispy skin which is supposed to be the star of the show was cut too small to be appreciated and was oily. The underside of the skin still had a layer of fat and meat on it. The pancake was cold and stiff, duck was ordinary, uninspired and lack flavour.  

After eating here, I felt greasy and gross; the food just sat there in my stomach.  It might be also worth mentioning that the service was not the best; it was hard to get the attention of any waiter (they just seemed nonexistent),

I do not even want to waste that much time with a review on this place. To sum it up (Stay Away). This is the true truthas I say it as it is…

November 13, 2012

Fook Cheow Cafe, Hutton Lane, Penang…#1 place to get kway teow th’ng

Kway teow Th’ng is fresh flat rice noodles which are served in a clear soup broth, topped with fish balls, slices of pork, chicken, golden brown garlic bits and chopped scallions. A condiment of sliced fresh red chilies in soy-vinegar usually accompanies the dish.

The stall in Fook Cheow Cafe, Hutton Lane serves mmm mmm good kway teow t’ng. The soup is full of aroma and and the rich flavour was spot on and delicious. The kway teow is super smooth and thin and the homemade fishballs are perfect!

You won’t find any sort of kway teow soup that tastes like this anywhere else in Malaysia or Singapore, or at least to my knowledge. It really is a beautiful marriage of port, chicken, kway teow noodles and soup. Inexpensive and great are two of my favourite combos. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…




November 11, 2012

Kedai Makanan Soo Kee Mee Stall, Kuala Lumpur…perfect 10 stir-fried beef kway teow

I basically eat only two things at Soo Kee and for me I really don’t need to go past that.

1. “ngau yoke hor” –     stir-fried beef kway teow with gravy
2. “sang har mien” – crispy egg noodle with large fresh water prawn

The beef slices were so tender, the moment you ate it, it would just melt to the sides of your cheeks. The noodles were perfectly cooked with the right amount of elasticity, garnished with spring onions which add colour and flavour to the dish and best of all, it has “wok hei” (the “essence imparted by a hot wok on the food – according to wikipedia). And the flavour of the thick, eggy gravy…perfect 10.

I don’t know if anyone makes it better in the general area but I don’t care because they do it for me pretty much every time.  It’s very addictive and I almost “need” to eat it everytime I visit Kuala Lumpur.

Be warned though. Everything here is crazy expensive. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

November 4, 2012

Sop Buntut Bogor Cafe, Jakarta…possibly one of the best oxtail soups I’ve ever had

Sop buntut is Indonesian oxtail soup. Borobudur Hotel which is reputed to serve the “legendary” sop buntut is now managing thi Sop Buntut Bogor Cafe in Pacific Place.

You have a choice of three: original, fried or barbequed.

The taste of the original soup was spectacular, to say the least. It was full bodied and in clear in taste and possessed similar qualities to a well made consomme or stock. When eaten with the super tender oxtail, it was possibly one of the best soups I’ve ever had. With regards to the fried and the barbequed ones, the meat is served dry, separated from the broth

Great food, will go back again! Deserves all 5 stars! This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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