April 20, 2013

Kamalan Bus, Taipei…an inexpensive, clean, safe, fast and stress free way to get from Yilan to Taipei

First time riding the Kamalan was all in all a smooth, easy trip, no complaints.

We arrived at the pickup location a little early and asked if we could change our tickets for an earlier departure. They obliged. No hassles.

They were punctual to show up for boarding. Proximity to other transportation connections is a given. Kamalan Bus has incredibly convenient stops at both tech and taipei bus stations. They even showed security features shown on the in-bus TV.

The only downside is the many tunnels we have to go through in the journey is an annoying disruption to my reading. As the lights are not switched on in the bus, I had to stop reading everything we enter a tunnel. A little trivia…the longest tunnel which we had to go through- 13 km long – the Hsueh Shan Tunnel, took 16 years to build.

Seriously people, use this from now on! Trip was inexpensive, clean, safe, fast, stress free and the seats or surprisingly comfy! What’s better than this? This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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