March 28, 2020

Fresh Factory, Otaru…eat a rainbow assortment

We are all looking for ways to up our intake of fruit and veg.

Fresh factory is a damn fine place for a bountiful fresh produce. It is a great chance to get stuff when it’s most flavoursome and you can taste it – everything is delicious. Hello fresh. If all this makes your mouth water, which it probably will, grab a rock melon and chow down on the Hokkaido boiled corn. Super fresh and seasonal makes everything look, smell, taste better.

You heard it here first. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

fresh factory otaru2

fresh factory otaru3

fresh factory otaru4

fresh factory otaru1

July 7, 2015

Combat Durian, Singapore…Mau Sang Wang reigns supreme but you need to identify the real McCoy

Ahhhhh, it’s that time of the year again. The quest is on again for the delicacy that looks like a cross between a hedgehog and a hand grenade, with an odor that has been likened to rotten meat which caused it to be banned in hotels and public transportation in Singapore. Though I am not a hardcore, I, too, am into this whole durian eating business. So I headed to Balestier for some durian love.

The place is a semi permanent set up with plenty of tables and chairs. There’s quite a big selection of durians, from Mau Sang Wang and King of Kings, to the more common Red Prawn, you can pick you choose. So what is the fuss about the Mao Sang Wang (loosely translated : mountain cat or musang king in Malay), which is priced higher than the rest? It’s rich and creamy – almost buttery – small seeds and the slightly bitter sweet after taste lingers long in your mouth.

While there is no question about the Mao Shan Wang’s allure, identifying the real McCoy may sometimes be challenging. I asked for three Mau Sang Wang but the bloke at Combat Durian blatantly took one from the basket with the Mau Sang Wang sign and two from the other basket with the sign which reads King of Kings. When I enquired, he told me it’s the same and there’s no difference in price. There is a distinct difference in the two – the Mau Sang Wang reigns supreme and the other pales in comparison, but as at all durian stalls, once open considered sold.

Combat durian obviously has a very powerful position in the durian sellers market. With such unethical methods, Combat durian needs to be tamed, but there is no one simple solution. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

combat durian singapore

May 11, 2014

Mae Varee Fruits Shop, Bangkok…Mango sticky rice that will Thai me down.

I’m a sucker for dessert. I can never turn down a happy ending, especially when it’s mango sticky rice.

Spot the giant faux mango, and you’ll know you’re at the right spot. The mango is definitely of good quality and fresh, it was sweet (and not the pursed-lips kind of sweet), juicy and ripe atop perfectly cooked warm bed of glutinous rice with a chewy texture. Infused with very creamy coconut milk, it was yummy in my tummy.

The shop is open 24 hours for you to buy mangos but the sticky rice is only available from 5am to 11pm. There are no seats here so all the stuff are to-go only.

I LOVE this place! Not only do I eat here for my own selfish pleasure, but anyone I know who loves mango sticky rice, this is where I bring them to. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



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