June 29, 2014

Chuan Kee Satay, Singapore…..a deliciously juicy piece of skewered meat and the peanut sauce is the difference-maker!

Satay is my enabler. The Hainanese Satay at Chuan Kee Satay is phenomenal.  No doubt this place has the best tasting Hainanese Satay that I have had in Singapore & Malaysia combined.

Hainanese style satay usually means Pork Satay. Being exceptionally different from the usual Malay or pork-free satays that are in abundance in Malaysia and Singapore, it is definitely unique to the Hainanese community.

The truly succulent satay pieces here are smaller and the marinade is different, less sweet with a stronger hint of turmeric. This ensures a deliciously juicy piece of skewered meat! The peanut sauce is the difference-maker. It is a really good, very rich and tasty peanut gravy that comes with added grated pineapple which truly hit the spot. Taste-wise, it’s slightly spicy and more tangy with the taste of mashed pineapples and you will know you have reached what the buddha defined as “Enlightenment”.  Ok, so I do get a little more excited over a satay and its peanut sauce than most, but that’s how I operate.

The only downside is I had to wait FOREVER to get my satay.

But damn if it isn’t delicious! Good eatin’. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

old changi airport satay

old airport rd satay

June 22, 2014

Kedai Kopi & Makanan Soon Yen, Melaka…didn’t scratch that duck noodles itch

Soon Yen is located in Tengkera and some locals call it ‘under the big tree’ food court. Unfortunately I can’t give the duck noodle the thumbs up.

The noodles is tossed in some thick, starchy gravy sauce, topped with shredded braised duck meat and accompanied with a bowl of herbal soup. The soup was plain in flavour and the gravied noodle also took on the same bland characteristics  but the duck was tender and not very gamey. I’ve had duck noodle from Melaka places that are much better. I was actually pretty disappointed. It was certainly ok but I couldn’t figure out what about it warrants all the buzz and reputation.

Yes, it’s filling but the food failed to excite and didn’t scratch that duck noodles itch. Too bad, so sad. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

soon yen duck mee

soon yen duck mee2

June 15, 2014

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, Petaling Jaya…smorgasbord of disappointing dishes

Since arriving in PJ from Ipoh in 1977, New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice has expanded to four shop lots with tables on both levels. They are well known for their famous Ipoh nga choy kai (bean sprouts and chicken).

Although it tasted okay, it didn’t taste like how it should and what it used to taste. The texture of the chicken was below par, and the rice that makes this restaurant’s chicken rice its distinction……… wasn’t the flavourful and fragrantful rice I used to love. For all you true chicken rice lovers out there…you know you’re having incredible chicken rice, when your chicken falls off the bone. The chicken at this place was rubbery and too chewy. Excuse me, but you don’t steam chicken, throw it on some unknown mixed rice (with no chicken flavor), and call it  Chicken Rice. The bean sprouts and pork ball soup were a smorgasbord of disappointing dishes that should only please the hungriest of student gangs with nothing better to do than starve for days and then feast on local nosh.

The flavours in the food weren’t screaming delicioso… won’t be coming back. Lesson learned. This is the true truthas I am still saying it as it is…

1977 ipoh chicken rice

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