September 15, 2018

Seo Rae Heon, Seoul…a hot pot spot

It is plonked  in the very busy Lotte Department Store if you fancy something spine tingling spicy.

I opted for the octopus and bulgogi hot pot – which were meant to be fused together in a big steel bowl meant to serve two or three medium-hungry people – dropped in the veggies on the tabletop induction burner and watch the steam rise.¬†Soon, I stirred the pot and figured it had all been cooking long enough, so I spooned the spine tingling tangy/spicy soup on a bowl of rice which made it a lot more compelling. The bulgogi was a decent quality of meat but I’d rather have it with a slightly sticky marinade adding a pleasant sweetness than soaked and overpowered in this soup.

Though the flavour was good, Seo Rae Heon will not be my first choice.. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

seo rae sel2

seo rae sel 1


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