May 25, 2014

Sate Mak Syukur, Jakarta…the satay was meh, so don’t expect something amazing to happen here

So I really love Indonesian food, and this was not one of my favorite experiences

The satay was meh, so don’t expect something amazing to happen there. Between the beef or the mutton, I got the beef sate skewers here.  They were coated with a cloyingly thick yellow sauce that I really didn’t care for.  The yellow gravy is made from rice flour mixed with spicy offal broth, turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander, galangal root, cumin, curry powder and salt. The satay here is not really my thing. They would probably be good if freshly grilled, but they tasted like they’d been grilled and refrigerated. Soto Ayam is basically chicken soup and it’s very popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. There are various adaptations of Soto Ayam in the region. I am not a fan of the one here.

I’d probably have to be pretty desperate – as in NO other food options around – to return. Not the worst Indonesian food I’ve ever eaten but not good enough to eat there again. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

sate mak syukur

May 18, 2014

Yong Tau Foo Ah Choon, Johor Baru…..simply delicious comfort food.

This came highly recommended by my dentist, so I gave it a try…and it certainly did not disappoint. It tasted great.

The dry noodles topped with chopped braised pork are everything you want from good minced pork noodles, and nothing you don’t. The noodles are soft but they retain a slight snap to keep you interested. As for the minced pork gravy, it’s a slightly sweet, cornstarch-thickened glaze with soft nubs of pork and a mild savouriness. It’s nothing profound, but it does its job of supporting the noodles without overwhelming them.

Yong Tau Foo is a selection of various local food items such as fish balls, beancurd, vegetables etc where you pick what you want from a bunch of plates and have it boiled for you. Here, they cook it in soup for you tho9ugh I’d have preferred some of them to be fried. The prices of the individual items were all RM1 each, so if you get carried away with choosing too many items, it is quite a bomb.

Yong Tau Foo Ah Choon is a standout among the many eatery choices in Johor Baru. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

ytf jb

yong tau foo ah choon, jb

May 11, 2014

Mae Varee Fruits Shop, Bangkok…Mango sticky rice that will Thai me down.

I’m a sucker for dessert. I can never turn down a happy ending, especially when it’s mango sticky rice.

Spot the giant faux mango, and you’ll know you’re at the right spot. The mango is definitely of good quality and fresh, it was sweet (and not the pursed-lips kind of sweet), juicy and ripe atop perfectly cooked warm bed of glutinous rice with a chewy texture. Infused with very creamy coconut milk, it was yummy in my tummy.

The shop is open 24 hours for you to buy mangos but the sticky rice is only available from 5am to 11pm. There are no seats here so all the stuff are to-go only.

I LOVE this place! Not only do I eat here for my own selfish pleasure, but anyone I know who loves mango sticky rice, this is where I bring them to. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



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