January 15, 2017

Jin Yue Xuan, Zhuhai…For taste, wow… just wow!

This restaurant has palatial interiors. Fortunately, the same can’t be said for its prices, which are value for money. It’s surprisingly affordable. I cannot vouch for my soul but the time I visit this restaurant I cannot help but feel happy and satisfied. Everything, from the fresh ingredients to the presentation is spot-on.

Make sure you sample the barbeque pork in honey sauce. This is some of the barbecue pork I’ve had in a long time. Don’t miss the baked prawn in sea urchin sauce. The texture is very rich and buttery. It tastes like nothing I have ever eaten before in my life. The sweet and sour prawn with hawthorn sauce was also well executed.

If you are in Zhuhai and want somewhere to enjoy a cheerful meal with friends, look no further. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…





December 31, 2016

Palm Spring Spa, Zhuhai….hands down the best massage of my life

I’ve always enjoyed going to a spa, sit back, relax and forget the world, for a few hours at least.

Today’s spa aficionados can choose from a bewildering array of treatments. The choice can be overwhelming, but here in Palm Spring Spa, the TCM massage is an exceptional, effective treatment which provide welcome comfort and rapid relief. The massuer is capable of intuitively picking up on what I need – a damn-good kneading – and she tailored the massage accordingly. Her knowledge of musculature is generally great, as she tackles each overlapping muscle within my lower back, shoulder blades, neck, and traps using different strokes in different directions. I’ve had countlessmassages in my life, and this one stands out.  The experience was defined by strong hands, focused pressure, precision, and a keen understanding of the human body.

If I was based in Zhuhai, I would make this a weekly or biweekly happening. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



November 18, 2016

Cousin Cousin Cafe, Zhuhai…avoid

I ate here so you don’t have to.

The quality of the food is deplorable. The “Delicious German & Cattle calf” is anything but.  The meat was a slab of hard, overly well done monstrosity that’s illustrative of everything wrong . The squid which was overcooked thus hard and chewy did little to reverse this repulsion. Trying to swallow it would itself be an Olympic event. There’s absolutely zero taste of freshness. The uninspiring overcooked beef in the beef kway teow was a let down too. It’s unjustifiable that the kitchen chose to cook every dish resembling an oil spill. Yes, the anchovies fried snap bean were overly oily too.

When in Zhuhai, avoid Cousin Cousin Cafe at all costs This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


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