February 12, 2012

Stanley Market, Hong Kong…two words : Tourist Trap

Stanley Market is is a cluster of about 150 shops which sell a variety of items mainly clothes and accessories. I have got only two words for it: Tourist Trap.

A downside is that it is really very far away. Getting there is easy: I took express bus number 260 from exchange square, Central. The bus ride back is very challenging. Return buses were 260 to admiralty or number 6 or 6x but there were monster queues everywhere. Taxis were going to be too costly as Stanley Market is a world away from the megacity on the other side of Victoria Peak.

That hassle aside, is it worth all the trouble? I do not need to hesitate on the answer: NO. Stanley Market is frequented by tourists, so you’ll probably pay more than elsewhere. There are better place to shop if you want those lower prices. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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