January 24, 2012

Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tour, Los Angeles…I can’t believe how fast those two hours flew by


If you are a movie fanatic but want something more educational other than the  ‘rides’ as at Universal Studios this tour is for you. They take you on a tram tour throughout the studio and even go inside the working studios . You get to see sets (The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Friends etc) . They show you the prop rooms ,sets , costume rooms . It’s a interesting day if you’re into television.
One highlight is a warehouse where the Batmobile, Harry Potter’s flying car, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine and other various famed automobiles are proudly displayed. There is also the museum where  the entire second floor was dedicated to memorabilia from the Harry Potter films. I had only seen the first few Harry Potter movie, but I was excited to see so many familiar items. There was also the magic hat for “sorting” of young wizards. When placed on a visitor’s head, that person would be “sorted”! Fun! 
The tour takes just over 2 hours and we came out having learnt a lot about the movies. I don’t believe how fast those two hours flew by. This is the true truth and I am still saying it as it is…


December 14, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore…it’s a Mickey Mouse (very small) park

It is a small amusement park, big enough to see in one day, especially if it is not crowded. At 20 hectares, it’s got to be the smallest Universal Studios in the world.
But this Singapore version may not be so bad for theme park lovers if they are fed up with the notoriously long lines in the extremely crowded Disney parks in Tokyo. If you arrive when the park opens, start at the back of the park, people tend to go to the first ride they come to and work their way back.
The twin Battlestar Galactica roller coasters is still closed and is  reported to re-open next year, as is the  ship-themed show Madagascar: A Crate Adventure. The splashdown at the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure is a mini one. On the thrill scale where 0 is wimpy and 10 is yikes!, I’d rate this at 4. The Revenge of the Mummy ride is dark, loud…and haunted! Very young children may find it disconcerting. The best attraction to me is the Lights, Camera, Action…show presented by Steven Spielberg
The park is a good place for families, but there really isn’t a lot there for more than a few hours worth of entertainment.
This is the true truth and I say it as it is…

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