February 15, 2015

Hudson Eats, New York City…..gourmet options from popular NYC restaurants in a food court

To review a food court is a difficult proposition because, at least in this case, each vendor has a primary residence elsewhere. Hudson Eats is a fancy, airy, marbled and luxurious food court by Two World Financial Center with floor-to-ceiling windows offering sweeping killer views of the Hudson and the Statue of Liberty. There are 600 seats over 35,000 square feet of sleek space.

This is a one-of-a-kind food court with over 14 gourmet options from popular NYC restaurants. Grilled cheese specialist Little Muenster is a vendor. You would be able to enjoy the diet-friendly, delicious Buffalo cheese pie from Skinny Pizza and seriously sugary cupcakes from Sprinkles. There’s Umami Burger, proudly peddling flavor bombs on buns and made-to-order salad maestros like Chop’t.

Overall Hudson Eats is an OK place but $20 lunches is not for the everyman. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

hudson eats

December 6, 2014

Umami Burger, New York City…Underwhelming Umami

The chain that forever “changed the burger game”. The “finest burger in all the land.” The owner Alan Richman himself described the burger as “half beef, half beyond belief.”

I ordered a Truffle Burger ad truffle fries. They were the saddest fries I’ve seen. Lukewarm and almost limp, they were glued together by a congealed, paste-like substance that might have once been gooey, melted truffle cheese. The burger arrives, stamped with a thick capital U in purplish vegetable ink. The Truffle Burger was grilled to a perfect medium rare with a crisp, caramelized crust, the texture of the meat nostalgically reminiscent of meatloaf.  ‘Umami’ is the word for savory in Japanese. The  focus is on ramping up the umami flavor (the hard-to-pinpoint fifth taste, after sweet, salty, sour, and bitter, best exemplified by MSG) in almost every component of the burger. It was a really good burger, but for all the umami bluster isn’t notably different from other good burgers around town. Game-changing? no.

After all the hype, Umami Burger truly underwhelms. It just doesn’t hold up against similar burgers in its price range  or even the far superior, and slightly cheaper Five Guys and Shake Shack. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



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