October 13, 2010

Restaurant Lokys, Vilnius…menu features all kinds of wonderful game

Restaurant Lokys (which means ‘bear’ in Lithuania) is a lovely medieval restaurant  located in a cozy, 15th century cellar in the Old Town. They serve Lithuanian food and use traditional recipes  where a large stuffed bear presides over the proceedings.  I was escorted by a medieval maiden down to the cellar via a brick stairway so narrow and winding anyone slightly fatter or broader-shouldered than I am would almost certainly get stuck.

They have a big menu to choose from, and game dishes are their specialities. If stewed beaver with prunes doesn’t take your fancy, try hare in chocolate sauce. I perused the menu and ordered the roasted boar for main course served with cowberry sauce and sweet pears. My wild boar was quite delicious, fairly tender with a few slightly chewy pieces, not particularly “gamey” but also not something I would have mistaken for one of our everyday meats.

The service was quite slow, but I guess it’s like that everywhere in Vilnius. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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