April 13, 2019

Tsui Wah, Shenzhen…failed to impress me

Tsui Wah is the Shenzhen outpost of a revered restaurant of the same name in Hong Kong. Let’s cut to the chase: this is the place if you want to visit a giant, super-sized neon version of Hong Kong’s humble coffee shop cafes (called a cha chaan teng, literally a tea food hall).

The dishes are pure Hong Kong comfort food, an eclectic and inexpensive assortment of Cantonese, Asian, and Western fare prepared for the Chinese palate. Start your meal with a local favorite—milk tea—followed, perhaps Lamb Chop Curry, King Prawns in XO Sauce with Tossed Noodles and wonton with fish roe in fish soup. And you’ll be missing out if you don’t try the famous crispy bun topped with sweet condensed milk.

Although there wasn’t much wrong, it failed to impress me. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

tsui wah sz2

tsui wah sz1

tsui wah sz3

June 15, 2018

Mr Rocky, Shenzhen…like having a cheesy version of Nashville in Shenzhen

Inspired by the wild wild west of the USA, this American bar in Shenzhen is your go-to spot only if you are desperately in need of some cheesy cowboy-style atmosphere and dying to tuck into burgers, steaks and pizzas and hit the dance floor for an evening featuring live bands and DJ sets.

Food is profoundly awful. The steak was tough as nails and disappointingly taste like the bovine equivalent of chicken breast, the pizza was chewy as bubble gum and the hot pumpkin soup was anything but.

An out-of-touch and bungled attempt to create a themed restaurant. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

mr rocky shenzhen

August 9, 2013

Huangcheng International Spa Club, Shenzhen…the massage was ordinary

I was debating between 3 or 4 stars, but I decided on 3 stars based on the fact that the main event of the visit – the massage – was average.

The atmosphere is nice and relaxing, in fact bordering on luxurious. The locker room was very clean, safe, and well stocked (e.g., hair dryers, shampoo, lotion, etc.), the attendant polite, friendly and very eager to serve. Heck they even send a chaffeur and car to pick you up from the hotel and send you back – for free. While the facility is nice I was totally disappointed with the services.   The massage was truly ordinary.  A total blah. The “International” in the name of this club doesn’t mean they cater to the international traveller. English is not spoken here too much.

Overall facility is very nice, folks were polite and felt that it was way cheaper than it should’ve been for what I got but my experiences here have been nothing outstanding.  And, I’m sure if I looked around Shenzhen, I could find a better massage. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


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