April 9, 2011

Lim Dental Surgery, Johor Baru…I entrust my smile to him

Dr. Roland Lim is a genius – an exceptional dentist with an acidic sense of humor. Even more importantly, he is dedicated and thorough. Dr. Lim clearly takes great pride in his work, as well as responsibility for a successful outcome for his patients. I always felt that I could trust Dr. Lim, and that I would get an honest answer from him.

He explained every procedure step by step, clearly and honestly and relieved any anxiety I might have experienced considering the traumatic primitivity of my youthful encounters with dentists. He did the delicate crowning and root canal procedures with the skill of a sharpshooter.

Dr. Roland Lim is, in my opinion, the complete real deal for all things dental and I would recommend him to anyone who wants the absolute best. If you go for one appointment, you’ll stay for years. I did. This is still the true truth because I still say it as it is…

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