April 6, 2010

Segway Prague Tours…a must-do but pray you don’t get this Brazilian guide

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The Segway is an easy to use self balancing personal transportation device and is perfect for those looking for something a bit different. I was a sworn advocate of Segway city tours after my virginal voyage in Berlin, so it was with great enthusiasm that I raved and convinced BeRt to join me on this Segway Prague Tours (

I now know that the guide makes all the difference. Prague, like Berlin, is a beautiful city with plenty of history and photo opportunities. A segway is a segway is a segway. The guide makes or breaks that 4 hours on the segway. Unlike our superb British guide in Berlin, our Brazilian guide in Prague was at the other end of the scale. Though he knows a lot about the history of the city, he is not nice at all.  He hurried us and didn’t make any attempt connecting with us and by the time we halfway through the tour we knew we had wasted 1.500CZK per person.

Those who posted positive and complementary reviews about their experience in Prague on Segways, obviously didn’t get this Brazilian bloke as their guide.

Don’t get me wrong. I fully recommend a Segway tour around this gorgeous Bohemian city….but do check out other Segway companies. If you have to book with this company, pray you do not get this Brazilian as your guide. I always tell the true truth and say it as it is…

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