April 8, 2012

Ghee Hiang, Penang…I am officially a full fledged fan of the “Pong Pneah”

My favourite food stuff, whenever I visit Penang is the  “tau sar pneah” (a flaky biscuit with green beans – or commonly known as mung bean – fillings) and  “pong pneah” (somewhat akin to Hong Kong’s  “lou poh peng” – an equally fluffy biscuit with white sugar). Ghee Hiang is the local go-to house with freshly made pastries (they are made fresh every day)–both sweet and savory types.

Though I find that the Tau Sar Pneah at Ghee Hiang is not quite comparable to their rival’s, Him Heang, I particularly love their pong pneah — DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS! They are so fluffy you can use them as a pillow that you will later bite into for the most amazing caramel goodness you’ll ever taste.

Instead of buying that lousy T-shirt, why don’t you buy the best biscuits in town? This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


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