November 6, 2016

Koi Kee Bakery, Macau…you can bet your last dollar on the crunchy peanut candy and almond cookies

If you have a sweet tooth for pastries, Koi Kei Bakery will be a kick in the snackpants for you. This purveyor of cookies, candies is probably one of the few things Macau is famed for apart from gambling.

The crunchy peanut candy is a winner! It is a frivolous thing with no other purpose than to delight, and that’s why it’s so wonderful. There is a pleasing lightness and truly brittle so it breaks when you bite it. They’re crunchy, they’re crispy, they’re almost flaky and they’re truly addictive. The delectably light and flavorsome, melt-in-your-mouth almond cookies are not to be missed either. Another Koi Kee sure win bet is the phoenix egg roll with seaweed and pork floss. Though seaweed, pork floss and egg may not seem to be the most congenial culinary combination, this unassuming threesome packs a truly appetizing punch

If you’re in Macau, or even Hong Kong, take advantage and buy as much as you can because it’s good. Very good. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



December 28, 2014

Corner Bakery Cafe, Washington DC…..Great morning food

The Corner Bakery Cafe is one of my favorite things about DC. This location is very large, with nice interiors and moves through the busy lines quickly.

It also has tons of different options including the soup and salad or sandwich combos. Their huge and delicious muffins, and pastries never disappoint. The name says it all! The bread and butter of Corner Bakery are their pastries. They make THE softest and moistest muffins you’ll EVER bite into. The Anaheim scrambler in all its mouth-watering glory comprised of – scrambled eggs, sauteed bacon, tomatoes, green onion, cheddar cheese, avocado. Nothing beats good quality ingredients and simplicity. Bacon and cheddar panini – scrambled eggs, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese on sourdough –  is just that. And fear not… there’s zero dryness. Prices are cheaper than Panera as well.

The staff here are SO nice. Dedicated to making sure you have a great experience, they continuously wow me and win me over with their smiles, niceness and even bringing the food to our table very quickly.

I am 100% absolute that Corner Bakery Cafe will corner the market pretty soon. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

corner bakery cafe, dc





November 1, 2010

Cafe Ursula, Helsinki…lovely setting

9.45am Sunday morning, BeRt and I walked along the coast down to the southern tip of the city and went to the Cafe Ursula in the park of Kaivopuisto which over looked the island of Soumenlina – lovely setting from which you can admire the wonderful sight of the Gulf of Finland.

There is a wide selection of pastries and local bakeries to choose from to go along with your coffee. Their pastries are quite tasty and sandwiches and cakes are good too. I watched with keen interest at a couple had champagne breakfast on a neighbouring table. (the tables are quite close to one another). The round shape of the main room is interesting and makes observing the view pleasant. The sun shines directly onto the front of the café, and the outdoor terrace would be great to lounge around during the summer months.

I hear this place was first set up as a temporary facility for the 1952 Olympic games. It is still here. This has to be one of the classic coffee houses in Helsinki.This is still the true truth as I still say it as it is…

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