October 12, 2014

Yang’s dumpling, Shanghai…Awesome crispy outsides with VERY juicy insides shrimp soup dumplings

The hot, steaming dumplings filled with a juicy soup and shrimp-filled center, complete with a perfectly crunchy wok-seared bottom here are a winner. Spot on every time, even takeaway. 48 hours later, I went back for more. I would have never discovered this little gem if not for Aggie, the front office associate who checked me into JW Marriott Shanghai Tomorrow Square.

My first impression of Yang’s Dumpling (known locally as Xiao Yang Sheng Jian) was how nice and clean this establishment is…no funky odors or dirty smells from unsanitary conditions found in some Chinese restaurants. You get to watch a bloke pan-frying the sheng jian baos in a HUGE pan right in front of you. They come out fresh and piping hot!  The MAIN point of why this type of dumpling is so good is because it has broth inside them. This place fries the outside perfectly and you can see the burnt yumminess on the bottom of the dumpling. I don’t know how they got it so perfect but it’s very crunchy on the bottom, a little crispy on the sides, and soft steamed dumpling goodness on top. Inside is shrimp with soup. It’s amazing. Seriously. In addition to the shrimp dumplings, I had a bowl of mung bean noodle and spare rib soup. The tasty spare rib was so large an chunky you’d think it was Godzilla’s. The noodle was too stretchy and not my kind of thing.

Come back? Hell yeah. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

yang's dumpling shanghai

yang's dumpling shanghai 2

May 17, 2010

Xiao Yang Sheng Jian, Shanghai…great dumplings eaten with a stained shirt and burned tongue

This outlet at a food court is famous for its shengjian or pan-fried dumplings. 

What makes them so addictive and yet, so tricky to eat, is the scalding hot pork broth which surrounds the juicy meat filling, so just be careful when you’re chomping down on the shenjian as it is filled with delicious, but very, very hot juices. I now know that eating sheng jian properly is an acquired – a newbie like me is immediately exposed by the squirting pork broth, stained shirt and dribbles down the chin (not to mention, burned tongue). Writhing in agony,I took a look at the eating techniques of those around me. Most bite a small hole in the pastry, suck out the soup, and then proceed to devour the rest in a bite or two.

Expect a long line of hungry patrons, but you will be rewarded with the freshest, hot-out-of-the-frying-pan sheng jian. This is definitely the true truth as I say it as it is.

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