May 5, 2010

Camelot Pte Ltd, Singapore…lowest code of ethics practised here. Stay away.

“On 1st April 2006, based on Camelot directors’ sterling credentials and proven credibility, Camelot was appointed by Ministry of Education as the management company to run MOE’s largest and newest adventure centre at Changi Coast.” And so says the company profile on their homepage.

I think MOE must have left it there and have not reviewed the place after appointing this outfit, because they certainly do not have much ethics at this place.

Let us put things in perspective through the eyes of an 11-year old student participating in this camp at Changi Coast Adventure Centre. How would you like to camp for 3 days at a place where the shower and toilets are dirty and not in a condition to even be used as a sty? How would you like to be told you can’t wear any footwear onto these toilet floors where even angels fear to tread? How would you like to be told when you are handed questionnaire forms to rate the facilities 1-5 that 5 is “good” and 4 is “not good”?  That the computer system cannot read if you tick 1, 2 or 3? That you’ll have to stay back and re-do the questionnaire again if you rate anything from 1-3?

This kind of unethical manipulation of the 11 year-olds to make Camelot “look good” in the reviews is despicable and immoral. What the facilitators at Camelot has done (in this case, it’s a bloke called Musa, if I’m not wrong) are unacceptable and giving such instructions he has crossed the ethical limits.

I strongly urge MOE to dig deep into how things are conducted at this unscruplous place and review their credentials all over again. This is certainly the true truth as I say it as it is.

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