May 18, 2010

Ju Shin Jung, Singapore…pricey, but Korean Charcoal BBQ at its best

This is absolute the best Korean BBQ place I’ve ever been to outside of South korea. It’s not cheap, but it’s DELICIOUS!!!

Had the Black angus beef ribs. Add garlic (only for the brave hearted)  and a bite of the tender meat + fresh lettuce made me feel like I’ve died and gone to BBQ beef heaven…well back to reality, the seasoning was good enough to make us scrape the chared grill plates craving for more. Equally heartwarming was the marinade chicken legs. Warning- the small unseeming garlic piece can numb your whole palate for 60 secs (while drowning down half a reservoir of ice water).

To mention, is also a novelty, which are the capsule tissues which requires you to pour water on it, to turn into normal wet paper towels. A nice touch at the end is the heart shaped watermelons which are very sweet.

I also will say, I’ve had loads of Korean food, from many a Korean restaurant. I’ve spent much time in Seoul, at various bbq places out there. So I think I have some decent means for comparison. My family and I sat around saying “Why do we not come here more often??? It’s soooo GOOOOOD!!!” This is absolute the true truth and I say it as it is.

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