July 21, 2018

Café du Centre, Geneva…pure joy

The place was completely packed, with tables being turned all around us. The restaurant is located two blocks off Lake Geneva’s main drag with outside seating under a huge awning and a large space inside.

Nearly all the dishes as irresistible. Noix de coquilles St Jacques roties, aux pointes d’asperges, infusion a l’essence de truffe, pommes puree – roasted scallops, fresh asparagus and black truffle sauce, mashed potatoes was carefully cooked and the combination of textures worked very well together. Even better was homard et crevettes rotis a la minute risotto aux herbes, sauce americaine – lobster and prawn risotto, shell fish sauce had rice that had thoroughly absorbed the stock, and had lovely texture. Service was fine.

Despite its name, Café du Centre demands to be liked. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

cafe du centre geneva8

cafe du centre geneva7

cafe du centre geneva6

cafe du centre geneva5



May 13, 2017

Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, Seoul…there’s a world of crustaceans in here

Whoever invented the fish market with attached restaurant was a genius. Because what better way to entice customers into consuming a highly perishable food than offering to cook it right then and there?

Here’s a fish market with the luscious lobster, springy calamari and plump shrimp I want on my lunch plate or dinner table tonight. This Seoul destination also functions as a eatery, complete with floor seating and table service on the upper level. What you’re buying here may or may not be, but it’s high quality and a worthy splurge.

The most remarkable part of the market is its expansive selection of whole fish as well as live seafood, including eels, crabs, lobsters and sea urchin. Browsing the colorful, enticing sea creatures is irreplaceable. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

noryanjin fisheries sel3

noryanjin fisheries sel2

noryanjin fisheries sel1


March 31, 2013

Restaurant Savoey, Phuket…it just seemed like ‘whatever’

Okay, to be perfectly honest, I find it very hard to rate this place. 3-4 star perhaps.  Don’t get me wrong – food’s good, just not 5 stars.

It is HUGE with indoor and outdoor dining with an outstandingly large seafood display where you get to choose which crab, fish, prawn, lobster, clam you would like.  Their unwritten core values seem to be “if it swims, serve it up”. They have ways of cooking it on their menu with the most popular being baked with butter and garlic sauce. The tiger prawns was pretty good and met all expectations, the tom yum was decent and the lobster came out pretty tough and needed more flavour.

This place is just so-so. Your call. This is the true truth because I say it as it is…


January 18, 2010

Trishna, Mumbai…a rage among seafood-loving folks

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Trishna, one of only a few exclusive seafood restaurants in Mumbai, continues to be a rage among the seafood-loving folks of the city.

The menu is typical of any sea food restaurant. A varied offering in Indian sea food across fish, crabs, lobster and squids. The squids cooked with butter, garlic and pepper were delicious. the pomfret with black pepper was superb. The king prawns tandoori was amazing. I’ve now run out of superlatives to describe the rawa fish.

It is a somewhat snobbish restaurant. Trishna isn’t about ambience (the seats and tables are packed together to create a seafood experience for the diners – sardines) – everyone is here for the food. 

I bet you’ve heard the groan-worthy pun that goes “I’m on a seafood diet … I see food and I eat it!” But, jokes aside, whatever food I see (on my table or those on the tables around me) in Trishna, I’d needed the help of my two colleagues and 20 wild horses to stop me from pouncing on them….that is the true truth. I only say it as it is.

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