January 11, 2015

Lei Garden, Hong Kong…for anyone after refined food and scrupulous service

Chopsticks at the ready! If you would like to have a fine Chinese or seafood meal at at a Michelin-starred restaurant, yet pay middle to low prices in Hong Kong, you can go to the Michelin-starred Lei Gardens restaurants. Offering superbly executed Cantonese dishes Lei Garden also stands out for warm service. As soon as you are escorted to your white-clothed table you will be doted over by the staff.

For the most part, though, the real pleasure at Lei Garden is in seeing familiar dishes done right. The pan fried steak and salad was unbelievably good. The king prawns were truly regal – big, flavoursome fellas. And then there’s Lei Garden’s not-so-secret weapon. Two pages of the menu are dedicated to seasonal double-boiled tonic soups along with their supposed health benefits. Pork shank soup with chinese grass was a rich, hearty, savory broth with lots of flavour but without a lot of heaviness. The pan fried crispy noodles with seafood was a cracking example of a classic dish – robust, fully rounded with just the right level of crispiness without being too oily.

This is the world’s epicentre for double-boiled soup. They are as comforting and delicious as they are exotic. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

lwi garden 2 hk

lei garden hk

February 28, 2010

Lei Garden restaurant, Chijmes Singapore…nice food served by dishonest and inattentive staff

The Lei Garden website has this boast: “Every Lei Garden staff is well conversant with the four pitfalls and four virtues in human nature taught daily by Mr. Chan. The four pitfalls that we have to watch out and refrain from are selfishness, stubbornness, laziness and pettiness” All very nice and fine. But perhaps someone should advise Mr Chan to expand it to six virtues and include dishonesty and non-attentiveness.

The assistant captain was very economical with the truth. Instead of a proper explanation or attempting to find a solution, she insisted our group squeeze onto a small table and kept insisting a 5ft-diameter table was same with a 6ft-one. She was walking not around with a dog and a cane, so I knew her eyesight was ok. The hostess eventually came and after admitting that the table was a smaller one, moved us to a larger table.

The waitresses are universally inattentive. You do get refills on the chinese tea, if you ever see your waitress. Our inattentive server  not only failed to refill empty glasses, they did not even notice that we were trying ot order some additional things. Overall, service underwhelming but not completely disappointing.

It’s too bad. Beautiful restaurant, food was yummy, but the staff need an overhaul. That’s the true truth and again, I say it as it is…


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