March 17, 2018

Lucky Famous, Melaka…affordable and forgettable

Most of the food at Lucky Famous is affordable and forgettable

The menu talks a good game and then, inevitably I suppose, the food arrives and blows it. They all tasted OK, but was too one-note, totally lacking special-something. The dishes were sometimes good and sometimes not, like playing mouthful roulette.

I won’t be compelled to revisit again and again. Only will drop in if I am around the area with nothing else more inspiring to eat. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

lucky famous mel2lucky famous mel1


April 23, 2011

Restoran Ka Hoe, Johor Baru…”kway teow kia”. A MUST HAVE piggy orgy

If you have never eaten kway teow kia before, it is similar to the kuey chap in singapore…piggy organs and spareparts.  The difference is instead of the squarish “kway teow” that is used in kuey chap, kway teow kia uses ultra thin, ultra smooth, ultra satiny flat kuey teow (flat noodle). It is served in a bowl of delicious herbal-like soy-base soup. Personally, I prefer this kway teow kia to the kway chap – it feels like silk in the mouth. The accompanying mixed plate of braised goodies – portions of hard boiled egg, pig intestines, stomach and innards, tau pok and pig skin were delicious. It’s an omnivore’s delight.

They are closed on alternate Tuesdays. Opening hours are 7am till 12.30pm. This is my favourite joint for piggy orgy. Still, I reckon they should serve 2 Crestor or Lipitors (cholesterol-lowering statins) with every bowl. This is still  the true truth because I still say it as it is…

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