May 26, 2013

Kafe Betawi, Jakarta…affordable soto betawi that is fairly good in every spoonful of soup

If you feel like having local food but don’t want to go to “warung” (or food stall), Kafe Betawi is a perfect alternative for you minus the ambience – watching the food street sellers prepare and cook the food directly in front of you on their carts.

Soto Betawi is native to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Unlike the other types of soto which normally have quite clear or transparent yellowish broth, Soto Betawi has a more curry-like flavour due to its use of coconut milk. Made with beef meat or beef offal and cooked in a cow’s milk or coconut milk broth, fried potato and tomato are then added for extra oomph. It is usually served with a plate of steaming hot, fragrant rice. The ones served here in Kafe betawi is rich, aromatic and fairly good in every spoonful of soup. Not life-changing stuff, though.

Prices are very affordable and the service is fast and friendly. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


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