January 24, 2015

Johnny Rockets, Jersey Gardens, New Jersey…..Whatever

I give this restaurant a lot for its theme of 50s rock ‘n roll from the cute jukebox at each table, to the dress of the waiters and waitresses to the awesome music blaring.

But the food in this Johnny Rockets in Jersey Gardens, was on the low side of average. Imagine a McDonald’s hamburger run through the dishwasher and you would be spot on for the Johnny Rockets Big Double. The bun was soggy, lettuce limp, and meat like chewing bicycle tires.

The wait staff looked like they didn’t want to even be at work. 0 smiles on the employees faces, just very awkward stares from people who seem like they hate their job and it shows in the way they treat their customers. The service they give you is almost as if they are daring you to not leave a tip. 

I  had previously been to a Johnny Rockets in LA three years ago – I still remember how good the hamburger and milkshake were! Maybe that was a fluke because now I am unimpressed. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

johnny rocket nj


March 2, 2013

The Outlet Collection, Jersey Gardens, New Jersey…Massive Tax Free Outlet Mall

It’s under an hour-long drive from New York City to Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall, which is situated near the newark airport. Though not that high end, there’s something for everyone in particularly the younger crowd with heaps of shops selling street fashion and a large entertainment complex for watching movies and playing video games.

First things first, the shops in thisoutlet mall are indoors – so it doesn’t matter what the weather or temperature is like outside. Because Jersey Gardens is an Urban Enterprise Zone, sales tax on non-clothing items is only 3.5% and there is zero sales tax on clothing items – you’ll save money even before you benefit from the low outlet mall prices! There were over200 shops in the mall but quite a few were disappointing with very little selection and/or sizes. Big name shops like Last Call by Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nike, Abercrombie Outlet and Calvin klein were massive letdowns.

There are no real “good” restaurants in the mall. With the exception of Johnny Rockets, the rest are clustered in the food court…Sbarro, Nathan’s Famous, Great Steak & Potato Co, to name a few.

This is a very touristy place – everywhere you look you will see an Asian, Hispanic or European. The only reason I will return to this mall is because of its proximity to New York City and that Woodbury is a long drive away. This is the true truth as i say it as it is…

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