June 10, 2018

Eataly Caffe, New York City…I died and went to Italian Heaven

Disneyland for Italian-food lovers, Eataly is an Italian-food marketplace which sells all things Italian. There’s a fishmonger and butcher (and vegetable butcher) and an espresso bar, a wine store, a cheese store, a cooking school, a kitchenware department and a great deal more. There is a restaurant at Eataly that serves fish. There is a restaurant called Le Verdure which serves only vegetables. It is bruschetta city there. There is a pasta area. And there is a first-come-first-served bar area, La Piazza, where you can stand at a marble-top table and drink wine or eat salamis and cheese as if in Venice.  From the bakery behind the pizza ovens: good breads. From the chocolate station up front: dessert.

Eataly serves up delicious dishes while offering a bite of Italian authenticity. The Prosciutto croissant with tops which are golden and flaky is packed with plenty of pleasantries. The Italian prosciutto was delicate, sweet and adds flavor to every bite. The wonderfully airy apricot croissant was irresistible pleasure! This one is truly a breakfast in bed item.

A word of advice – if you’re waiting for a table to open up at the restaurant, browse around the store but don’t buy anything. Your stomach may protest, but your wallet will thank you

Eataly is an answered prayer. It represents a step forward for Italian food in New York. It is now my new “happiest place on Earth.” This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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January 28, 2018

Modern Pastry Shop, Boston…the local favourite

Want to get off the tourist trail and enjoy Boston like a local? Then do Boston like a real Bostonian.

What Modern Pastry Shop does, it does expertly. This fabulous, family-owned Italian bakery is filled with delicious sweets and treats. I was a bit overwhelmed with the choices. They have everything for everyone but the Italian pastries are the best. There was a sizable line was out the door but it does move relatively quickly so you can be in and out within 15 minutes if you head in knowing what you want. Service could be better, though.

Please note the word “Favourite”. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

modern pastry bos1modern pastry bos2modern pastry bos3modern pastry bos4




February 7, 2010

Mad for Garlic, Singapore…I am mad for more

This Korean franchise at Suntec City (Galleria), Singapore  offers a good selection of Italian offerings that are incorporated well with garlic. Being a MFG virgin, entering the restaurant and being greeted with an ambience decorated with garlic bulbs, it seems I have just walked into a house in Transylvania.

The Garlic Bread Tower was absolutely amazing. The mussels dish was generous. The mussels was chewy, the spicy sauce was sauteed with onions and, of course, garlic. The pasta was delicious and the shrimp and garlic sprout were rich in aroma. The garlic snowing pizza was the best. It’s a sweet garlic (duh) pizza topped with shrimp and pineapple dice. I didn’t regret a single bite.

You can be sure of a healthy meal here. Thanks to the special recipes and preparations, the health benefits of the garlic has been retained.

Although most of the dishes are not that strong in garlic, they should serve some mouthwash with your dessert. At least your vampire boss will not bother you after lunch.

Mad for garlic is mad for your money. I didn’t know garlic could be so expensive, but still, I must be mad…cause I want more. Believe me, I tell the true truth, always saying it as it is.

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