August 26, 2012

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis…Fun (though not a huge race fan)

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is home to the famous and renowned Indy 500 Race. The track – a two and a half mile oval with four one quarter mile ninety degree corners – is still the same track which was built in 1909 and is considered the world’s oldest continuously operating motor race course.

Though I am not a huge race fan, I took a ride in an air-conditioned vehicle around the track. which lets you experience the track from the driver’s perspective, albeit not at the speed that you would like. Not a long tour,  but it is worth the money at US$5. You will learn about the speedway from the early years until the present. Points of interest noted were the luxury suites, golf course, the famous “yard of bricks,” the familiar tower showing the placing of the cars during the race, the new safer barriers, and pit road. The other obvious feature is the Control Tower designed as a Chinese Pagoda.

There is also a museum tour on the grounds, but I didn’t go in.

A visit to the city of Indianapolis wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Even if you don’t know anything about it (like me), it’s priced reasonably and easy to get to in a bus, it’s worth the visit. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



July 17, 2011

Chocolate Cafe, The South Bend Chocolate Company, Indianapolis…The chocolate covered raisins are to die for

The South Bend Chocolate Cafe I went to is at the airport; the hot choc is very good and so rich but a tad pricey. It is made with real melted chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup if you want as well. YUMMY! Service (it is counter service) at the Cafe is fine but nothing special.

They also have really good chocolates. Get the Chocolate covered raisins if you want a treat – it is high quality and very, very good. Plump, juicy raisins surrounded by creamy pure milk chocolate makes this a tasty gourmet chocolate treat.

Remember The South Bend Chocolate Company if ever you need a fix for your chocolate craving when you are in Indy. This is the true truth because I say it as it is…

June 17, 2011

Mugs ‘n Bun, Indianapolis…the root beer is low carbonated and so damn good

This is basically a drive in restaurant but there is a dine-in section too which is decorated with tin advertising signs and sort of retro-vintage knick knacks.

Order the signature root beer – it’s fantastic. They make their own root beer on premise and damn is it good. It  is tuly delicious, dark, sweet and full of character, served in thick frosty mugs. There is low level of carbonation. The coney dog was served on a warm, steamed bun, and had diced onions on top.  The coney sauce with onions was a delicious combination. The breaded tenderloin sandwich is a big one. Moist on the outside, crisp on the inside. The onion rings are forgettable though, battered too thick, too massive without much flavour.

If you’re near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway you should go to Mugs ‘N Buns.  It’s nearby and easy to get to. Otherwise, don’t bother. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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