September 11, 2016

Tsunami Village, Penang…Nothing on the menu would drag me in again

Dining out at a waterfront restaurant is all about simple pleasures. But not just any table will do — the food, after all, has to live up to the setting.

Here, the baked lobster with cheese, crab salted egg and prawn wine are more like upscale pub grub. It is good in the way seafood is good – but it lacks complexity, sophistication and the wow ­factor. The others are a mixed bag. The clam kam heong’s sambal was nice but the clams were so small, they might as well serve a couple of magnifying glass with the dish. The fried chai tak with garlic was so-so while the fried mix ho fun and mee hoon was the only well-executed dish.

Nothing on the menu at Tsunami Village would drag me in again to pay with my own money. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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November 11, 2012

Kedai Makanan Soo Kee Mee Stall, Kuala Lumpur…perfect 10 stir-fried beef kway teow

I basically eat only two things at Soo Kee and for me I really don’t need to go past that.

1. “ngau yoke hor” –     stir-fried beef kway teow with gravy
2. “sang har mien” – crispy egg noodle with large fresh water prawn

The beef slices were so tender, the moment you ate it, it would just melt to the sides of your cheeks. The noodles were perfectly cooked with the right amount of elasticity, garnished with spring onions which add colour and flavour to the dish and best of all, it has “wok hei” (the “essence imparted by a hot wok on the food – according to wikipedia). And the flavour of the thick, eggy gravy…perfect 10.

I don’t know if anyone makes it better in the general area but I don’t care because they do it for me pretty much every time.  It’s very addictive and I almost “need” to eat it everytime I visit Kuala Lumpur.

Be warned though. Everything here is crazy expensive. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

October 27, 2011

Restaurant Swee Ang, Johor Baru…standard acceptable fare

They offer an extensive menu of chinese dishes and soups…from ginseng chicken soup to pigs stomach soup to mushroom ball soup to crab ball soup to pork liver with lean meat soup to maw soup, the list goes on and on….
The food was okay. Nothing to complain about, but also not something to wake me up for in the middle of the night. If ever there was something to attract me there, it would be the wat dan hor – thin flat hor fun noodles fried in dark sauce before being drowned in tasty seafood gravy. I created a combo of my own, mixing it with the gravy of the pork intestines.
I am not a die hard fan of this stall, but I will for sure be a once-in-a-while repeat customer. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

May 17, 2011

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Johor Baru…don’t waste your time and $. Terrible, disgusting, gross, bad, pathetic, awful

I have always been a person that will give someone or some company the benefit of the doubt. However after repeated failures to impress me I finally must come to the conclusion that some companies just STINK! This is where I would put Wong Kok Char Chan Teng in Holiday Plaza Johor Baru. I have eaten there three times and the food never gets better. Its AWFUL!!

Tea cafes, or cha chan teng as they are known in Cantonese, have mushroomed up everywhere. At Wong Kok Char Chan teng, there is a very large menu with multitudes of choices. The clowns in the kitchen did not let us down. The food is disgusting.  I took two mouthful of my noodle and couldn’t eat anymore. Felicia’s hor fun was bland and gross too. The service wasn’t great either. The food was so awful I felt compelled to save others from wasting their money.

This was one of the worst restaurant I have ever been to. Never try it. Don’t ever waste your time going to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Terrible, lazy, bad, pathetic, awful. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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