August 8, 2011

Nha Hang Ngon, Ho Chi Minh City…orgasmic is the best word to describe Ngon

For those who like to taste local Vietnamese food…this is the place!  It is a great place to sample food from around Vietnam as you can have small serving sizes. The waiters are polite and ambience is beautiful because of the colonial-style location, fairy-lights and all food stalls.

Serving a variety of Vietnamese delicacies and local favourites, the price is cheap and affordable. The only thing is the menu doesn’t have any pictures for us, foreigners…better yet, the entire kitchen is spread all around the corridors.  All you have to do is to view the dishes being prepared and wander past the “stalls” to choose your meal, which would be brought to your table.

A fantastic concept, delicious dishes and a place to “taste”your way around Vietnam. Ngon is definitely the place to go from spring rolls to all type of pho and dessert. Be sure to order Cha Gio (fried spring rolls served with fresh herbs and fish sauce) and Bun Mam (vermicelli soup with seafood and roasted pork in mekong delta style). It is a dining experience worth having. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



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