November 14, 2015

Under Bridge Spicy Crab, Hong Kong…more a tourists’ stop than a local haunt

This isn’t a fancy restaurant – it’s very Chinese-y with red and gold in its décor.

As the name suggest, this crab specialist is  under a vehicle bridge. You have to order crab if you go to a restaurant with crab in its name, so we did – we got the spicy crab with chilli and garlic, and true to form, the bright red large-clawed crustaceans were buried under a generous mountain of dry mix of fried chilli and nice crunchy deep-fried garlic bits. This dish is believed to be originated from typhoon shelters which are shelters fishing boats during typhoons. I have to admit…for me, the deep fried minced garlic ends up being the star of the show rather than the crab.

I didn’t quite manage to enthuse over all the other dishes – they were just gastronomically illiterate and a little bit desperate. The service too was not the best.

It’s more a tourists’ stop than a local haunt. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


spicy crab hk2

spicy crab hk3

June 4, 2011

Yee Shun milk company, Hong Kong…desserts heaven for milk lovers

Yee Shun is famous for their steamed (some people call them double boiled, and yet some others stewed)  milk. I can testify, it’s super smooth and satisfying… they do serve super duper steamed milk curd. The appearance of the steamed milk is not unlike soy bean curd, but taste-wise it is lighter than beancurd – a bit like very very soft tofu.

Their signature double skin steamed milk has the distinctly rich milk flavour and silkily, velvety fine texture which is something I have never tasted before. It was love at first spoon(ful). I have tried both the cold milk curd and the warm one. Warm one it is for me. The sweetness comes through more strongly in the hot one than the cold one. Other than signature steamed milk, it also sells other desserts like steamed egg. I tried the cold one but it’s average and not as outstanding as the steamed milk.

Service is really fast, because they have batches of the steamed milk ready. This is desserts heaven. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

May 14, 2011

Hui Lau Shan healthy dessert, Hong Kong…if you are a mango lover like me, this place is a must go.

This is a chain restaurant and they’re everywhere – even at the Hong Kong airport arrival hall. Though not spacious, it’s clean and makes a good place for a chat with friends.

They offered a variety of desserts, but I liked the ones with mango best. Mango puree, mango slices, mango dices, mango ice cream – every single possible way of eating mango in a nice and chilled manner, they have it all covered.  My personal favourite is the sago in mango juice with extra mango. It is pure mango with every bite.  Sweet yet not overwhelming, smooth and silky. Obscene amount of mangoes goes into that one dessert.

If you’re a mango fanatic like me,  this place is a must go. It’s mangolicious! This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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