May 10, 2015

Bornga, Singapore…restaurant was not on top form

bornga beef


Like all others korean barbecue restaurant, Bornga has similar ambience when you enter the restaurant. You can smell all meats burnt in charcoal grills. If only eating there wasn’t so knackering. Gosh but there’s a lot of admin with Korean food. Everything has to be dredged or dipped and rolled and dipped again. Fiddle here. Turn there. Flip this

The Dawaeji gohchuujang bbq (spicy pork fire-grilled) was hard and dry.  We also had the Woo samgyup (thinly sliced beef brisket dressed with born-ga’s special sauce). Marbled with connective tissue and fat, it’s damn difficult to cook brisket so that it’s tender yet moist and flavoursome. I swear blind by the superior Yangnyum dwaeji galbi (chewy pork ribs marinated with special house sauce to create an enhanced taste). Once you order other dishes — especially barbecue — you risk being inundated with so many plates you won’t be able to pay the haemul pajeon (pancake made from scallions n a variety of seafood) the attention it deserves

The busy restaurant took its toll on the staff, who weren’t as efficient as some other such restaurant we’ve been. Bornga wasn’t on top form, but it certainly still draws a crowd. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


June 5, 2010

Sadong Myeonok, Seoul…those enormous North Korean style dumplings are a must-have

Sadong Myeonok, an institution at Insa-dong is a busy, no-frills restaurant that serves deservedly popular mandu-jeongol, which consists of four giant homemade North Korean style dumplings cooked in casserole.  It had all sorts of stuff in it; dumpling, kim-chi, 5-mushrooms, 5-vegetables, beef, noodles, even an egg. After letting everything simmer on your table for 5 minutes, mix everything and you have a stew-like concoction. The soup was rich, savory, and spicy. And, oh yes, the dumplings are enormous.

Though they are also specialised in bulgogi, one can also try their egg pancake panfried with marine products and green onions (haemul-pajeon).

You can’t miss an ajumma or two making mandu in the window. The service is fast, the food was cheap and above average, the portion was more than adequate. Sadong Myeonok is definitely a place to check out. This is the true truth. I say it as it is…

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