June 14, 2010

Tosokchon, Seoul…Ginseng chicken soup at its best

Tosokchon is the best place to go for Samgyetang — a type of  stew whereby a spring chicken is stuffed with rice, chestnuts, ginseng root, and some other good stuff and cooked up in a broth.    

With its warm wood accents and traditional wood low tables (with seating on the floor), Tosokchon’s a cozy spot to build up your appetite.

There is no english menu available but it’s not a big problem for foreigners. There’s not a whole lot on the menu in this eatery. That made ordering over the language barrier easy.  Simply say “samgyetang”or just point at the soup stone pot at the next table. Make sure it’s a white chicken because they have Black Chicken Ginseng soup too!

They told me that this is a summer delicacy. “Fight fire with fire” and so they say. I enjoyed it in the pleasantness of spring as well.
They just brought the steaming, hearty chickeny goodness out to us.  Pretty nice stuff with great taste and aroma; if you like oriental herbs (or chicken soup) you’ll love this for sure. This is the absolute true truth for I always say it as it is…

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