February 9, 2016

Him Heang, Penang…TASTY! I want a lifetime supply!

Apart from assam laksa and char kway teow, Penang is famous for its tau sar pheah. Although Ghee Hiang was the pioneer, Him Heang is now the standard bearer. Traditional Chinese biscuits are of course a very personal matter. For what is ostensibly a simple concept—you know, biscuits—Him Heang has built a tyranny of choice.

Tambun biscuits or Tau sar pheah is by far the strongest part of the menu: there is nothing I sampled here that I wouldn’t recommend. Rather compact and dense but still flaky, they taste like a mung bean and butter party in my mouth; each ball full of loveliness and crave-starting. I NEED MORE!

It’s good value for money. I’d buy these for my grandma, if she was still around. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

him heang pg2

him heang pg1

April 8, 2012

Ghee Hiang, Penang…I am officially a full fledged fan of the “Pong Pneah”

My favourite food stuff, whenever I visit Penang is the  “tau sar pneah” (a flaky biscuit with green beans – or commonly known as mung bean – fillings) and  “pong pneah” (somewhat akin to Hong Kong’s  “lou poh peng” – an equally fluffy biscuit with white sugar). Ghee Hiang is the local go-to house with freshly made pastries (they are made fresh every day)–both sweet and savory types.

Though I find that the Tau Sar Pneah at Ghee Hiang is not quite comparable to their rival’s, Him Heang, I particularly love their pong pneah — DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS! They are so fluffy you can use them as a pillow that you will later bite into for the most amazing caramel goodness you’ll ever taste.

Instead of buying that lousy T-shirt, why don’t you buy the best biscuits in town? This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


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