October 2, 2016

Shanghai Express, Taipei…Nothing fancy. Don’t go out of your way

Inexpensive meals “inspired” by  Shanghainese cuisine that aren’t really Shanghainese at all. It goes without saying that we’re not actually eating anything that most people in Shanghai eat.

The menu is like an encyclopedia with an extensive selection, but master of none. There’s this vast culinary edible food-like substances. The set lunch menu served up sauteed amaranth with preserved eggs, fried sichuan-style string beans with minced pork, jellyfish with shredded radish, fried cucumber with chili oil, steamed fresh fish in scallion oil, stewed meatballs in brown sauce, General Tso’s chicken, sauteed shrimps with greens

It Was Good, Nothing Terrible, Nothing Special. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


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