October 6, 2018

Imperial Thai, Penang…goodbye to the knots in my back!

It’s no secret that Singaporeans are stressed. Traditional Thai deep-tissue massage appeal to a growing interest in treatments and proving particularly popular amongst Singaporeans and Malaysians.

Khun Pha had some power behind her. For over an hour, every inch of my body was stretched, pummeled and finally, relaxed. I was seriously impressed with Khun Pha and her technique. Goodbye to the knots in my back!

Hit Imperial Spa to relax from the insanity of the city. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

imperial spa pg

April 17, 2010

Congen Massage Healthcare Club, Shanghai…they really know what they’re doing

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A good place for a cheap massage that really breaks down your muscles! If you’re like me and you get these horrible knots that make your neck, shoulder and lower back stiff – these guys will iron that out for you.

We started with the foot massage. The foot massage started with a 10 minutes feet soak in a tub of hot water while the therapist gave us a shoulder massage. Though I am not a foot massage fan, the quality of the foot massage was pretty good.

The masseuses here may look like tiny Chinese ladies, but they’re powerful and they’ll tear you up. They don’t gimp you out by feeling you out and just gently brush you at this place. They give a real massage. A real rub. As sketchy as it may look there, the massage here is fantastic and legitimate, especially for the price.

Two of us tried cupping, where the therapist uses various shaped cups that were suctioned onto our backs…supposedly to draw out the body’s toxins. The cups were left on for about twenty minutes. When the cups are put on your back there is a tingly sensation as well as a general tightness as the skin is pulled into the vacuum created by the cup. Be warned, it looks much worse – anyone who sees your back will think you submitted yourself to some kind of Dark Ages torture. After a few week, the bruises are now almost gone.

And my verdict is:

This place totally awesome. Seriously.

The people there really know what they’re doing.  I have a really high tolerance for pain and pressure points and this is the only place that made me wince.  And they were hitting all the right points too. Like Dennis said: “You will feel like you’ve just made love.” This is really the true truth because you know I say it as it is.

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