August 1, 2016

Restoran De Costa’s 8 Portuguese Seafood, Melaka…you’re likely to choke on the bill

Seafood is many a Singaporean’s best friend.

But seafood junkies should be careful not to stray too close to Restoran De Costa’s 8 Portuguese Seafood in the Portuguese Settlement, Melaka, as you’re likely to choke on the bill.

To add insult to the ludicrously overpriced dishes, what’s especially heinous about many of the things they serve here is that they aren’t that good. And when you ordered for a samll portion, they unscrupulously serve and bill you for a large plate. I was royally underwhelmed by the experience.

It’s not worth the time or money. Restoran De Costa’s 8 is among the worst food deals in Melaka. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

8 melaka

September 29, 2010

Quan Ju De Roast Duck Restaurant, Beijing…they slaughter you if you are an unaware foreigner

Quan Jude Roast Duck is the oldest (but it does not necessarily mean the best) Peking Duck restaurant and has many branches .  The location we ate at is 309 Huizhong Beili, Chaoyang. The ambience and decor is quite traditional Chinese.

The essence of the Peking duck is all in the crispy delightful skin. Here at Quan Ju De, the skin was not as crispy and nowhere as good as Da Dong nor Made in China. The meat is also not as juicy nor flavourful. Prices here are absurb (either that or we got slaughtered as we paid close to RMB500 for one duck). By any means this is an astronomically expensive duck. I later found out that locals get the meal at a cheaper price. BUT if foreigners anywhere from RMB200+  to RMB500!!! Depending on the colour of your skin or how aware you are (or otherwise), you will be taken for a ride in this place, price-wise)

The non duck dishes were not good too.

Normally Peking Duck in Beijing is one of the greatest foods on earth, but Quan Ju De’s version with the unceremonious pricing isn’t. This is still the true truth because I am still saying it as it is…

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