September 24, 2015

San Shu Gong, Melaka…if you truly love 3-in-1 coffee, this is one to try

San Shu Gong is like a dreamy convenience store which sells all sorts of local delicacies and tidbits such as durian cendol, dodol, kamquat drinks, milk tea, white coffee.

The 3-in-1 coffee sold here is a very nicely balanced coffee, on the light side of bold, and with a natural sweetness.   It has a full-mouth feel and is very smooth. This is a fabulous coffee, with a price to match. But if you truly love coffee, this is one to try. Short story shorter, this is an outstanding 3-in-1 coffee.

Other than the 3-in-1 coffee, I was disappointed however with what I experienced. The quality on most other stuff wasn’t very good, some were VERY hard and others were super chewy. The flavours on most tasted artificial it was to the point where I could only have one bite. The service levels in the store ranges from disappointing customer service to a full-on customer service failure.

San Shu Gong is a true one item wonder. However, if 3-in-1 coffee is not your thing, then walk or drive on past. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

shan shu kong melaka

January 5, 2013

Tan Kim Hock Products (Malacca Main Center), Melaka…the source for my dodol fix

Tan Kim Hock sells local popular nyonya snacks and food ingredients like Dodol, Belacan, Cincalok, dry fruits, durian Dodol, coconut biscuits, preserved prawns and fish, etc. As this shop is popular among tourists to buy souvenirs to take back home, you can imagine (rightfully so) that the prices are higher than lesser known shops elsewhere.

Of all the arrays of products sold here, I will speak only of one. Dodol is a rich, jelly-like sweet food delicacy of Malay origins made from glutinous rice flour palm sugar  and coconut milk. I have tried many versions of dodol and I have to say, the ones from tan Kim Hock is my fav…with the distinct hint of gula Melaka and slightly chewy, simply delectable!

This is the true truth and I say it as it is…


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