June 9, 2010

QD’s, Dubai….you’re on cloud 29 (much higher than cloud 9)

This is my favourite place to go shisha smoking in Dubai.

QD’s is all about location. Located at the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, it has seating on a breezy deck area that reaches out over the water. From here you can watch the Abras (waterbuses) as they ply their trade up and down the creek. For shisha and cocktails, QD’s (Quarterdeck’s) at Dubai Golf & Yacht Club is the place to be seen. This super chilled out, funky venue is hugely popular. The ambience’s nice, very conducive for a laidback night to catch up with friends. It is so good to have peace and quiet from time to time and just talk to your friends and when I say talk, I meant a modulated voice not screaming at each other’s ears with loud music blasting as a background like what we normally have when we go clubbing.

The varied flavours of  ‘hubbly bubbly’ include apple, grape, strawberry and mint. Shisha waiters are constantly on hand with more hot coals to keep the pipes bubbling and the air filled with the sweet smoky smell that has become synonymous with Dubai at night

This is the place that locals go so if you want to take guests somewhere “authentic” this is the place to go! The location is the main part of this creekside eatery’s appeal. When the weather is fine you’ll be hard pressed to find a more chilled out spot for shisha, drinks and snacks. I am telling the true truth as I always say it as it is…

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