November 27, 2016

Smoothie House, Taipei…it tastes like eating clouds

CNN named it one of the top 10 desserts in the world. Taiwanese snow shaved ice (or snow cream) has definitely made a mark on the dessert scene.

Snow ice is made by freezing a block of flavored, sweet milk (as opposed to just a block of ice) and shaving it down into flaky ribbons of layered snow. The ice is fine and fluffy as rabbit down —neither too crunchy, nor too dense and wet—and blend seamlessly into the toppings. Think of it as an ice sundae.

If you go for the trinity of mango, strawberry and kiwi, you’re in for an intensely fresh treat. And the all-mango one = greatness.

This is not food for wimps. Bring a friend or three to share. You’ll thank me. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



January 1, 2016

Taman Emas Assam Laksa, Penang…I’m a huge fan after one visit.

Assam Laksa has been rated at #7 in the  “Top 10 world’s most delicious foods” by CNN.

A bowl of assam laksa from Penang has a complex balance of distinct tangy, sour, sweet and spicy piquant flavours. Don’t even try to understand it. The one served at Taman Emas is sweeter than most others, which works well for those with low tolerance for heat like yours truly. Combined with the thick springy, slippery noodle, the fragrant translucent broth garnished with mint, strips of pineapple and cucumber is simply mouth-watering and nose-tingling.

I’m a huge fan after one visit. If this is not a stamp of approval, I don’t know what is. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

asam laksa pg3

asam laksa pg1

asam laksa pg2

October 25, 2015

Bill’s Bar & Burger, New York City…it’s non monumental, lacks a wow-factor

Given the limited choices for food within a short walk on a cold, windy and rainy New York winter night, this place was okay. Not something I can rave about. It’s not bad, but it was pretty average.

I got the “famous” CNN-rated Fat-Cat burger (2013 CNN top 10 burger award) – caramelised onion, American cheese, English muffin, LTP. Thought it was tasty, it lacked a wow-factor. It definitely should not have made anyone’s top burger list. The buffalo chicken wrap – lettuce and tomato, blue cheese, spinach, tortilla – was an okay wrap. It was tasty and the ingredients were well seasoned and it was a decent sized portion. While their new England clam chowder has a nice stick-to-your-stomach creaminess about it, it was a tad thin when compared to your typical chowder.

Certainly did not surpass Smashburger or In-N-Out. It’s non monumental. It’s fine for what it is. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

bill's bar ny

January 26, 2014

Hoi-Tod Chaw-Lae Restaurant, Bangkok…..oyster omelette. Mmmm. Double mmmm.

I have found it!!! I have found my new favourite restaurant!

This small, humble Thai eatery does have indoor seating, but it still qualifies as street food.  They proudly display a sign proclaiming them to make the 5th best pad Thai in the world.

Anyway, I really love, LOVE, thai food. That being said, my expectations are high [when are they ever low?] but I was seriously impressed by the food here. The Or-suan (oyster, fried eggs, rice flour) was fresh and well-prepared…one portion at a time. The egg and starch batter in is perfectly crunchy, crispy outside and soft, moist and gummy inside studded with plump, briny taste of the ocean. I love Pad Thai! Pad Thai is one of Thailand’s more famous dishes. A-OK on the pat-thai-sea-food (seafood, and rice noodles wrapped in egg)here, good texture and it is a piping hot amalgamation of crispy and gooey ecstasy.

Never judge a book by its cover nor a restaurant by its outlook either.  Hoi Tod Chaw Lae is no exception. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…



December 15, 2012

The Art of the Brick Exhibition, Singapore…one of a kind LEGO exhibition

Hailed as one of CNN’s top 10 Global must-see exhibitions, The “Art of the Brick” exhibit features Nathan Sawaya’s traveling collection of awe-inspiring and thought-provoking large-scale LEGO sculptures. Both playful and amazing, a typical, common toy is elevated to the status of refined, fine art through Sawaya’s creative ability to transform LEGO bricks into a new level of awesomeness.

The captivating sculptures which ranges from whimsical to complex are amazingly elaborate and will present a new perspective on imagination and creativity. Check out the swimmer, T-Rex, portrait of Hitchcock, painting of a bowl of fruits. The kids and big kids alike, are sure to be delighted with the grand displays of vivid colour and creativity.

If you’re in Singapore anytime between now till 14 April 2013, make a beeline for the ArtScience Museum, this is an awesome chance to see this exhibit for yourself! This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

Picture 003

October 28, 2012

Nurture Spa Village, Tagaytay City…2 hours drive for an average massage.

Situated in Tagaytay City, Nurture Spa Village is a 2-hour drive from Manila. It was named as one  of the 28 Most Relaxing Spas in Asia by CNN Go (June 2010), and one of the Top Seven Spas of the Philippines by Asia Spa Magazine (May-June 2010 issue).

The ambience and environment – in their strategic location in the midst of well-tended gardens and the province’s natural tropical forest – is definitely a haven of rest.

Before a treatment, there’s a foot wash “ritual” using a corn scrub and floral-scented water. My therapist was professional and warm and was explaining each step of the treatment to me. After some time, I find that a tad annoying as I would prefer to have peace and quiet. Before the massage, you will be asked to fill a short customer information sheet and treatment sheet about which areas you feel sore and want more focus on. I don’t think the therapist ever read them.

I enjoyed the environment and the cooler temperature at Nurture Spa Village, but I would not drive 2 hours (each way) for an average massage. This is the true truthas I say it as it is…

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