February 8, 2016


What’s for breakfast? A cockroach, if you’re eating at Toast Box. No one ever expects to find anything unsavoury in places where they eat, do they? Well go to one of these Toast Box joints and you may have some extra company…

It doesn’t seem like the staff at a single branch is at fault, but rather there is something acutely wrong with Toast Box, the organization, that results in their outlets harbouring one of the most loathsome insects in our habitat: cockroaches. Once the bugs were spotted at the City Square Mall outlet and thrice they were seen at the Shaw Centre eatery.

Here’s the scoop. At Toast Box, City Square Mall, two roaches were seen running around the area where the unwashed cutleries, utensils and plates and bowls were stacked. I wish I could have told the couple who was enjoying their breakfast what happened, but I had to rush out to puke in a nearby toilet. The critters were sighted on three different breakfast occasions at the Shaw Centre branch. The first time, one was scurrying around on a packet of nasi lemak, another time near the cash register. Not too long ago a colleague alerted me that she saw a roach crawling ON a bun in the display shelf.

I don’t like seeing roaches but if I see one creature, I’m usually not put off. I consider it part of living in a city. In an urban setting, keeping roaches in check is a constant battle. You can run a restaurant as clean as an operating room. But if the situation constantly occurs in the same chain but different outlets, it’s clearly an issue.

My taste buds were assaulted by the grim discoveries – in a very, very bad way. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…


April 4, 2011

Heart Springs Spa, Singapore…I left feeling like a new person

Nothing can beat the tiredness of a hard’s day’s work more than a massage that will soothe your muscles and relax your body. This spa in City Square Mall appears nice. It is a clean and comfortable no frills setting.

Siew Wei,  the therapist was super friendly,personable and addressed my particular problem areas.  Her strong strokes relieved the pressure on the middle of my lower back and shoulders in particular. The massage was great! The therapeutic was pretty intense and painful, but she was able to release a ton of the tension and knots. I left feeling like a new person.

Considering the value for money I would say this place is ok.  Afterwards I felt completely calm and all I wanted to do was get home asap so I could fall sleep! This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

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