June 29, 2014

Chuan Kee Satay, Singapore…..a deliciously juicy piece of skewered meat and the peanut sauce is the difference-maker!

Satay is my enabler. The Hainanese Satay at Chuan Kee Satay is phenomenal.  No doubt this place has the best tasting Hainanese Satay that I have had in Singapore & Malaysia combined.

Hainanese style satay usually means Pork Satay. Being exceptionally different from the usual Malay or pork-free satays that are in abundance in Malaysia and Singapore, it is definitely unique to the Hainanese community.

The truly succulent satay pieces here are smaller and the marinade is different, less sweet with a stronger hint of turmeric. This ensures a deliciously juicy piece of skewered meat! The peanut sauce is the difference-maker. It is a really good, very rich and tasty peanut gravy that comes with added grated pineapple which truly hit the spot. Taste-wise, it’s slightly spicy and more tangy with the taste of mashed pineapples and you will know you have reached what the buddha defined as “Enlightenment”.  Ok, so I do get a little more excited over a satay and its peanut sauce than most, but that’s how I operate.

The only downside is I had to wait FOREVER to get my satay.

But damn if it isn’t delicious! Good eatin’. This is the true truth as I say it as it is…

old changi airport satay

old airport rd satay

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